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[REVIEW] Color Studio Professional Matt Foundation HD Stick

Thursday, April 04, 2013 Sidrah!!!! 12 Comments

In the beauty world, its always intriguing to try out something new. My first experience with a stick foundation is with the new Matt Foundation HD Stick  by Color Studio Professional, promising to offer a full coverage finish ideal for Pakistan's hot weather. 
What Color Studio Professional Say:

Extremely easy to apply, characterized by a dry touch and a matt finish. Its high coverage assures a perfect minimization of the skin imperfections and its soft formulation takes care of the skin assuring a decongestant and anti - oxidant action. Particular active principles like chestnut extract and vitamin E works together to protect the skin.
Color Studio Professional Matt Foundation HD Stick Beige
Beige is a peach undertone shade ideal for medium skin tones, if you have a light complexion and end up tanning in the summer- this shade would suit your skin better then Ivory. Ivory leans more on a whitish appearance to my complexion when I tested it out.
Color Studio Professional Matt Foundation HD Stick Beige

Let's Talk About it: 

Since I’ve never used a stick foundation prior to this, my experience called for a bit of trial and error. A stick foundation needs more time to work with and blend into the skin. Applying an even layer was the trickiest part since you can leave out areas without product. I learned the hard way that you can leave out patches on your face when working with a stick foundation- the first few times that I applied it I left out an area on my cheek which was noticeable in daylight. I never use a sponge to apply foundation since a flat top foundation brush is easier for me.

The initial use I found that skipping on a moisturizer created dry patches on my cheeks and a flaky appearance- this was also the reason why I kept leaving out areas of product on my skin since I wasn't able to blend the foundation evenly although the stick is creamy I needed a bit more moisture to help it blend in evenly. Once I used a light moisturizer beforehand it helped the application process a lot! The moisturizer helped to blend in the foundation while not enhancing dry patches. 

The foundation itself has a creamy texture- it's not at all drying when applied.  Once you’ve figured out how to apply the stick, the coverage is quite opaque and gives an even complexion. I didn’t feel the need to use a concealer with this. It works well for my dark circles since the peachy tone helped to cover up the purple tone of my under eye area. The moisturizer also helped for blending  the product onto the eye area.

The foundation did keep my skin semi-matte throughout the day which is due to using a moisturizer beforehand, after 4-5 hours oil does begin to appear around my t-zone while the rest of my skin is matte. I really like the coverage and it doesn't feel heavy on the skin at the end of the day. Overall I really like the coverage, it's versatile and can be worn during the day without looking overly done up. 

-Full coverage
-Conceals dark circles
-Not Drying
-Doesn't feel heavy on the skin

-Enhances dry patches without a moisturizer

Rating: 4/5
Price: 850Rs
Availability: and

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