Makeup Favorites of 2013!

Tuesday, December 31, 2013 Sidrah!!!! 22 Comments

I rarely ever post about my monthly favorites since I feel like I would be repeating the same products over and over again, with that said I wanted to share my staple beauty favorites that I absolutely loved in 2013! Most of these have popped up in some of my favorites last year as well. 
2013 Favorites
When I look over 2013 and my makeup stash, I feel I used a lot more lip products and I kept going back to the same lip color over and over again. For 2014 I really want it to be the year of experimenting with eye makeup, let's see how that works out!
Cheek Favorites

Cheeks (I don’t think I’ll ever get over peach blushes)

Color Studio Pro Blush in Natural Glow [review] - I would say this is the blush that I really fell in love with since the start of the year. It’s the perfect natural looking blush to wear without giving you an excessively bright cheek. It’s wearable for daytime and evening.

Catrice Blush Duo in Peach Sorbet - Loved this blush for daily wear. It looks very bright and livens up my complexion and goes well with nude and light pink lipstick. I really like the duo shades since I use the lighter as a highlight shade.

Wet n Wild Color Icon Blush in Mellow Wine - Where have you been all my life!?! The newest dusty peach blush in my stash that wears all day without fail. It looks so beautiful on the skin, easy to blend out. It’s just effortless!

Eye Favorites

Eye Makeup

Wet n Wild Color Icon Eyeshadows in Comfort Zone  [review]  I definitely used more of the brown side of this palette, my favorites are the Eyelid and Crease shades. It just looks lovely with any makeup look.

Catrice Maximum Resist Volume Mascara – I never got around to reviewing this one since I’ve run out of it. This gave my lashes such volume and curl all day without flaking. It wasn’t the most perfect mascara since it made my lashes stick together sometimes but it was a good one to use this year.

Essence Gel Liner in Midnight in Paris [review] This was my repurchase this year and I will keep going back to it. It’s easy to apply and doesn’t smudge on my waterline, love it!

Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bold Gold [review]  Paired with any bronze makeup look, I used this as a base and it really makes metallic eyeshadows pop. Wears all day without fail. 

Face Favorites


Catrice Infinite Matte Foundation in 030 Apricot Beige – A very lightweight foundation that wore really well in the evening for a light coverage. I’m not huge on full coverage foundations but this one I really liked for the natural finish.

Garneir Oily/combo BB cream in Light – I loved this BB cream formula, it’s the most matte BB cream I’ve tried and I really like how it brightens up my complexion during the daytime. 

Pressed Powder

Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder in 050 Silky Beige – I hopped on board the Stay Matte train since this is so raved about, I love how it feels on the skin with application. I got this in a slightly darker shade to wear on top of the Garneir BB cream, the perfect pair for me.

Luscious Flawless Finish Powder Foundation in 0.5 Warm Ivory [review]  Every time I needed a completely mattifying finish, this powder was there for me. I wore this on my t-zone throughout the Summer months and it outlasted every other powder I have to keep my t-zone shine free.


ELF Studio bronzer in Golden [review]  Another recent purchase that I felt was missing in my makeup stash all along, love this for an everyday highlight but can also be intensified for nighttime.


Hard Candy Glamoflauge in Tan – I’ve tried sooo many concealers this year, I can think of at least 4 off the top of my head and none of them I truly fell in love with then with this baby. It’s the perfect shade with the best coverage and wears nicely all day.

Lip Favorites

Lip Balm

MUA Love Hearts in Hot Lips - I really like the texture of this compared to any other lip balm. It has a sweet vanilla scent and really keeps my lips hydrated.

Maybelline Baby Lips in Pink Punch - I love the scent of this one! I got this in my secret blogger swap from the lovely Sara Hassan. I love wearing this on top of any lipstick to hydrate my lips. 


Revlon Lip Butter in Raspberry Pie [review] - My go to bold berry lips!

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balmstain in Honey [review] - My everyday too lazy to wear makeup lipcolor

Color Studio Pro Color Rush Lipstick in Acapulco [review] - An easy to wear browny nude lipcolor

Wet n Wild Megalast in In the Flesh [review] - My everyday pink, loved this one a lot. 

Rimmel London Kate Moss in Shade 05 [review] - The best bright pink lipstick that perked up my makeup

Luscious Signature Lipstick in Coral Pink [review] - My favorite long wearing everyday peachy nude lipstick. I think this will be the very first lipstick that I will use up all the way. 

Luscious Super Moisturizing Lipstick in Dusty Pink [review] - This is one of those lipsticks I never wear at the start of my day but mid-day to hydrate them a bit

Lip Gloss

Luscious Plumping Lip gloss in Berry Smoothie - The only lipgloss I really wear on its own, it feels smooth and hides any dryness on the lips

I hope you all had a lovely 2013, looking back I'm really excited and looking forward to 2014. I hope you all gave a fun and blessed new year :)



[REVIEW] ELF Studio Bronzer in Golden

Saturday, December 28, 2013 Sidrah!!!! 13 Comments

I'm not a huge fan of using highlighter on my checks since the shimmer has a way of accentuating pores. So I wanted to get a highlighter that would brighten up my complexion without it being overly glittery. Thus I came across the Elf Studio Golden Bronzer.
What ELF say:
Create a healthy looking glow all year round! The sheer soft powders provide the perfect hue of colour. 

Blend all 4 colours together to achieve a blend of perfection or choose your favorite colour or colours to mix, match and blend. 

Golden Bronzer- An illuminating shimmer that is subtle and radiant. Ideal for summer or year-round.


Let's Talk About it:
The ELF Studio Bronzer come in 3 shades total. Out of the 3 I picked out Golden since I was looking for a warm shimmery highlight. 

Let's talk about the packaging. The powder comes in a really huge compact, its split up into 4 shade variations from light beige to a darker bronze. You can dip your brush into each shade since its large enough to work as individual shades. I love the huge mirror it comes with, it's perfect for travelling.

This is definitely not a bronzer for medium to dark complexions, its very pale to work with. For me I wanted to get this as a natural highlight. It has a gorgeous luminescent sheen to the skin. Its not over powering which I really like about this powder and its exactly what I was looking for. Its not chalky as some highlighters tend to be. 

The powder has a stiff creamy texture. I didn't experience any huge powder fallout or fluff from the pan but you do have to press your brush into the powder to get the product out. 

Application wise it applies beautifully onto the skin. Since it has a stiff texture the powder didn't spread all over my cheeks and face.  Wherever you place it it will stay put. You can choose to use a fluffy brush to add a glow all over your skin or use a smaller/stiff brush for target highlighting on the cheekbones. I tend to avoid using this anywhere near my nose since it will accentuate any pores. I prefer to apply it on the uppermost part of my cheekbones. 

The darkest shade can be used as a bronzer to add some warmth to your cheeks. If your in a pinch- this also works lovely as an eyeshadow! It lasts all day with some minor fading.

-No powder fall out in pan
-Long wearing
-Subtle sheen
-Doesn't transfer
-Tons of product
-Huge mirror

-Can Accentuate pores

Rating: 4.5/5
Price: $3.99



[REVIEW] Essence Liquid Ink Eyeliner Waterproof

Wednesday, December 18, 2013 Sidrah!!!! 99 Comments

Essence is one of those brands where their products can be a hit or a miss. I always try to read up reviews before I buy anything from the brand, the Essence Liquid Ink Eyeliner in Waterproof is one product that I should've read more on. 
Essence Liquid Ink Eyeliner Waterproof

What Essence Say:
this is the must-have eyeliner! the liquid ink eyeliner waterproof with the special fine tip applicator makes applying an accurate, black line as easy as child's play for gorgeous eyes.
Essence Liquid Ink Eyeliner Waterproof

Essence Liquid Ink Eyeliner Waterproof Brush
Essence Waterproof Eyeliner Liquid Swatch

Let's Rant!
Let me start off by saying that there is nothing waterproof about this liquid eyeliner! This was a total miss for me as a waterproof liner. It smudges really bad if you're planning on wearing it all day on your upper lashline. If you have slightly hooded eyelids, this transfers onto the crease even after it's dried down. It doesn't flake off during the day or feel drying/tight on the eyelids. I was thinking to try it with a matte eyeshadow on top to set it, but with prolong wear even the shadow will transfer everywhere.

Initially when I was looking at liquid liners, I wanted to purchase the felt tip one but it was out of stock. This has a very flexible brush tip which is the only aspect that I like about the product. I've been getting away with wearing this for evening occasions since I know I will only be wearing makeup for a few hours so it doesn't smudge instantly. It has a slightly glossy finish. 

In the swatch, I waited about 10 minutes for the product to dry and I rubbed my finger over it slightly. This definitely won't last if you have oily or watery eyes.

-Flexible Brush
-Doesn't Flake off

-Not waterproof
-Smudges after extended wear

Price: 320RS

Rating: 2/5



[NAILS] Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat

Monday, December 16, 2013 Sidrah!!!! 6 Comments

Plenty of brands have been launching textured polishes and funky nail toppers, thus comes Sally Hansen's Fuzzy Coats! These are exactly what the polish is described as...fuzzy/feathery top coats for your polishes. These multi-colored, thread-like texture gives off a 3D feather effect with a clear nail polish to layer over any nail polish. I have 2 shades to share, Peach Fuzz and Tight Knit. 

Fuzzy Coat

Special Effect Textured Nail Color
The ultimate outfit for your nails! Sally Hansen continues to lead the nail category with new 3D, unique textures inspired by fashion. Fuzzy Coat transforms nails with a 3D textured, woven fiber effect.

Application Tips
Shake gently. Apply 2-3 coats (depending upon desired effect).

Dries quickly
Unique fiber texture
Provides a 3D look
Multidimensional shades
Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat 400 Tight Knit
Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat 400 Tight Knit Swatch
Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat 300 Peach Fuzz
Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat 300 Peach Fuzz Swatch 
Layered on top of Color Studio Haute Wheels 

Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat in 300 Peach Fuzz just reminds me of a perfect summer manicure with yellow thread-bars with hints of a light peachy orange. Fuzzy Coat in 400 Tight Knit is a true royal blue with white mixed in

Formula of these fuzzy coats are pretty smooth to work with without getting overly clumpy on your polish. The texture evenly distributes onto the nail polish without finicking with it. The brush size is average, nothing special about it, while it applies the polish very evenly you can end up with empty spots on your manicure. The fuzzy texture gives a 3D effect which feels rough on the nails so I always top it off with Revlon's Colorstay Super Top Coat to give it a smooth and glossy finish. 

I love how these can jazz up a manicure without looking overly glitzy like most glitters end up. These add a fun colorful effect to the nails

Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat polishes are available at Priced at $6.99


Eye Product,

[REVIEW] Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal in 012 Bronze

Sunday, December 08, 2013 Sidrah!!!! 14 Comments

I’m all about minimal, long-wearing makeup. So when it comes to eyeliners, I can’t skip out on using a waterproof kohl. These Scandaleyes eyeliners from Rimmel London have been raved about all over. I wanted to pick one up to use as a versatile liner/shadow. Let’s see how it worked out for me!
What Rimmel London Say:
Rimmel Scandal Eyes Waterproof Kohl Liner long lasting shocking color intensity with kohl Britania High intensity color for an instant color impact Ultra smooth & creamy formula that glides on easily Waterproof, smudge-proof, sweat-proof, heat-proof.

Let's talk About It:
This Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal is hands down the creamiest and longest wearing eyeliner that can be used as eyeshadow. It applies opaque in just a single swipe. It will take a few seconds before it dries down to a long-wearing liner so you can smudge it to your liking. 

Bronze has a golden shimmer finish which makes it gives it a slight gritty texture when applied to the eyes. I purposely bought this to wear as a quick eyeshadow look. I love the wearable bronzy eye look I get whenever I use this. I can easily get away with skipping an eyeshadow primer with this and not have the liner crease all day. It applies very easily onto the eyelids without it tugging. I didn't like the effect it gives on the waterline since the shimmer doesn't show up that prominent, instead it just looks like a light brown liner.

As for the waterproof claim, it definitely lives up to it. I can easily wear this anywhere on my eyes without it smudging or flaking off. It didn't fade or crease all day in the waterline nor as eyeshadow. It is a bit difficult to take it off with just soap and water, you'll need an oil-based makeup remover to effectively clean it off. 

What I really like about this pencil is that I don’t need to sharpen it often. The tip is sturdy enough to smudge it all over the eyelid with pressure without it breaking off.

I really want to pick up the Nude liner from this range since it’s something that I don’t own and with a long-wearing formula I can't skip out on these!

-Creamy formula
-Easy Application

-Shimmer can feel gritty
-Color isn't prominent on waterline

Rating: 4/5
Price: 850rs



[REVIEW] MUA Hide and Conceal in Almond

Saturday, December 07, 2013 Sidrah!!!! 9 Comments

With my dark circles, concealer sticks are what I normally go for because of the high coverage. I picked up MUA's new High & Conceal Stick just to see if I was missing out on a good product. So was it worth it? 
What MUA Says:
"A NEW Formula... our NEW Hide and Conceal Sticks in three colours- Fair,Natural and Almond. A creamy, easy to use new and improved formula to cover any blemishes or skin imperfections."


Let's Talk About It:
I picked this up in the shade Almond since it was the most peachiest shade out of the range. I have pretty prominent dark circles and since I wear glasses the dark shadows are more visible so it's highly crucial for me to conceal.  

Almond is a very pale peach shade. It has a very creamy, emollient texture, it's not at all stiff or hard. If you suffer from dry eyes, this will work really well to combat any dry areas. It blends into the skin really easily but does need to be layered on a few times for medium coverage but will begin to crease if applied too much.

Since the texture is very creamy, the concealer slips and slides all over the place if not set with a good mattifying pressepowder. It will crease after about 4-5 hours even after setting it with a powder, it will settle into any and all fine lines that you may have. If you have very dark, purple tone undereyes this will leave a grey cast since it's not that peachy. 

don't reach for this concealer often to hide my dark circles but instead I use it to highlight right above my cheek bones, I love the effect it gives with my foundation. If you're looking for a cream product to use along with your concealer to help it brighten, this will work really well. 

-Creamy Formula
-Easily Blendable

-Not long-wearing
-Settles into fine lines
-Not full coverage

Rating- 3/5
Price- 200rs



Skincare Haul

Sunday, November 24, 2013 Sidrah!!!! 17 Comments

If you follow me on Facebook and Instagram, you might have noticed I've been hauling a few skincare things. I hardly ever use moisturizer during the summer months but for the past few weeks my skin has been needing a bit of TLC, particularly dry patches and tight skin after I wash my face. Thus leads to my skincare purchases this past week. 

  • Freeman Clay Mask Mint & Lemon (390rs) -
  • SkinTruth Equalising Toner (650rs) -
  • SkinTruth Equalising Moisturizer (650rs) -
  • Neutrogena Oil Free Moisture SPF 15 (800rs) - Hyperstar
  • Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Wash (free with purchase) - Hyperstar
  • Hard Candy Glamoflauge in Tan (975rs) -

My most exciting purchase has been the much wished for Hard Candy concealer, I've been wanting this one for ages and luckily Beauty Hub had these available. I will for sure be posting my review on it!



[REVIEW] Essence Fragrance: Like A Rollercoaster Ride

Monday, November 11, 2013 Sidrah!!!! 12 Comments

You can't go wrong with a fresh, floral scented perfume for the winter season. Essence recently launched a collection of fragrances, Like a Rollercoaster Ride is just one of the few that offers a distinct floral scent versatile for both day and night. 

Like a Rollercoaster Ride is like an adrenaline rush, heart beating, expectation and pure fun. The fragrance offers floral, fresh and cheerful notes, which are as exciting and surprising as a swirl. It provides the feeling of absolute freedom. 

Top Notes: Apple, White Peach
Heart Notes: Peony, White Flowers
Base Notes: Vanilla, Sandalwood, Musk

Let's Talk About it:
Like a Rollercoaster Ride is a scent right up my alley! It has a very delicate floral scent with a hint of soft/sweet citrus in the mix. If you love fresh, floral, citrus scents this will be a perfume you will adore. From what I gather, most of the fragrances from Essence lean towards florals and fruity scents. I would prefer this over any body mists during the day since they never tend to last very long. 

The perfume comes in a 50ml EDT, you can easily throw this into your purse without weighing it down. Its adorably packaged in a sleek bottle with a little ribbon. What amazed me the most was how long the scent lasted, I usually apply a few spritz in the morning and by the end of the day the scent would still linger. On some occasions I would reapply mid-day and it does a lovely job of giving a fresh scent without it being over powering. 

I'm definitely going to look into the other fragrances from Essence since these are affordable and travel-friendly. 

Price: 1,250rs for 50ml EDT
Availability: Purchase online at

To get frequent updates on Essence Pakistan new product launches, visit their Facebook Page 


Beauty Joint,

Beauty Joint Haul!

Sunday, November 10, 2013 Sidrah!!!! 11 Comments

For months I've been stalking Beauty Joint and weighing my options against buying from a Facebook store. I went ahead, crossed my fingers and placed my order. I picked out some items that've been on my wishlist for ages! I only wanted to buy some Wet n Wild things since I've been in love with their lipstick formula and eyeshadows. So here is what i got!

  • WET N WILD Color Icon Bronzer- Goddess
  • e.l.f. Studio Bronzer- Golden Bronzer
  • WET N WILD Color Icon Blusher Mellow Wine
  • WET N WILD Color Icon Blusher Pearlescent Pink
  • WET N WILD Mega Last in Smokin' Hot Pink
  • WET N WILD Mega Last in Sugar Plum Fairy
  • WET N WILD Mega Last in Wine Room
  • WET N WILD Mega Last in Sand Storm
  • WET N WILD Mega Last un Cherry Picking
  • JORDANA Matte Lipstick in Matte Terra Cotta
My Shopping Experience:
Since this was my first time shopping for makeup internationally, I was a bit nervous about getting everything in tact. I placed my order around the second week of October and after the payment was cleared it was processed within a few days. i selectethe Standard International shipping option (weight based) along with shipping insurance to be on the safe side because of the powder blushes. The more items you order, the higher your shipping charges will be so keep that in mind if you do decide to place an order. After about a month I received my items in a bubble wrapped package. Fortunately nothing came damaged! I only paid 30rs for customs since the package was small. 

I'm definitely one happy makeup addict now which isn't good news for my wallet. 

For those who aren't able to order online, Beauty Hub has quite a few drugstore products available including the Wet n Wild lipsticks at 450rs, hurry and shop while they are still in stock!



[REVIEW] Essence Pure Skin Range

Tuesday, November 05, 2013 Sidrah!!!! 102 Comments

The Essence Pure Skin range was launched about a month or so ago. I absolutely love the brand for having such low prices on makeup, with a new skin care range will the products live up to expectations? I've got 4 new products to talk about so this is going to be a long review!

Essence Pure Skin SOS Spot Killer

What Essence Say:
Pure skin while you sleep! There it is again – whenever you need it least… a spot! But now there’s an sos helper for emergencies: the essence pure skin sos spot killer! The innovative 2-phase formula with a clearderm complex is super fast and effective as it dries out spots overnight to battle skin impurities. Shake before use, apply on the affected areas after cleansing in the evening, leave on overnight and simply rinse off again in the morning. 
What I think:
Essence Pure Skin SOS Spot Killer is an alcohol based spot treatment that has a white, creamy texture. The product comes in a glass tube and a brush for application. It has a very strong alcohol scent. It contains about 60% alcohol so it’s great for those with small acne breakouts here and there to help dry it out.  

I’ve had 2 breakouts around my chin area and I applied the spot treatment at night before going to bed. It feels very tingly at first but once it dries it stays put until you wash it off. There was no drastic change in the breakout so I tried it again the next night and still it hadn’t cleared up. The third day I did see some slight change in the size of the breakout. 

I would’ve liked if this worked as an overnight treatment, how awesome would that be! Most acne treatments take about a week to show results because by that time the pimple has dried up. Overall this works but you have to be patient with it. 

Rating: 4/5
Price: 590rs

Essence Pure Skin Anti-Shine Pore Refining Serum

What Essence Say:
Triple power! This serum is a true all-rounder and the perfect basis for your daily skin care routine. The fast-absorbing formula with our clearderm complex regulates sebum production and frees the skin of excess oil. The serum visibly refines pores, controls shine and actively battles pimples and blackheads. A highly effective new addition product for a smooth and silky complexion.

What I think:
As someone with an extremely oily t-zone, this would have been a dream! It claims to visibly refine pores, keep your face matte throughout the day and fight blackheads- all of which I have a problem with. 

The product is a clear blue gel/serum consistency. It has a very mild medicated scent to it but that nothing too overpowering. It dries down once its applied.  I tried applying this in a few different ways. The first time I wore this on my t-zone bare without any cream or moisturizer- I took a small amount and massaged it in the areas and nothing! It didn’t make any different on my BB cream application, I paired this with the Pure Skin BB cream thinking I would get a good result. Later I thought that I wasn’t letting the product dry enough, so I applied it and then did my eye makeup. After about 5-10 minutes I still didn’t notice anything different. I've even applied it in a  dabbing and pressing motion, still nothing noticeable. I've been testing this out in various ways for the past 2 months- all of which didn't give a noticeable result.

This didn't work at all for me, as far as the blackhead prevention I didn't notice any less blackheads or spots on my skin with use. It does a good job with prepping my skin before applying any makeup, it hydrates any dry patches you may have. 

Rating: 1.5/5

Essence Pure Skin All-in-One BB Cream

What Essence Say:
Universal: One for all! This lightly tinted cream ensures a smooth, radiant and flawless complexion. It makes small skin imperfections disappear without blocking your pores. The oil and perfume-free beauty balm is with SPF 30 is a must-have amongst foundations for a smooth complexion. This all-in-one BB cream beauty balm, moisturises and smoothes complexion, and has a light formula for a healthy look, less visible imperfections, even, smooth, radiant and moisturised complexion. It doesn't clog the pores. Is oil-free and fragrance-free, and has SPF 30. Dermatologically tested.

What I think:
I got this in the shade 020 Natural. Its has a yellow-peachy undertone which does a great job in giving a medium coverage. The shades are targeted for Asian complexion which is ideal for those who can't find a good matching BB cream.  

The finish is dewy but not too much that it slides off your face. Honestly BB creams aren't meant for oily skin types. I can't wear this on its own throughout the day since it feels very heavy and ends up making my t-zone shine even further. 

I would not skip out on wearing a powder with this, it helps set the BB cream. I do like how it blurs any flaws and imperfections. It blends into the skin easily without any fuss. For dry skin types or for the winter season this would be perfect. 

The only downside about this BB cream is that it doesn't last long on my skin. After about 4-5 hours of wear it fades and I end up looking like I have nothing on my skin. The only way I made the longevity work for me is by mixing it in with my Garnier BB cream for Oil/Combination Skin. It gives the perfect balance of brighten and a nice finish that I can wear all day without feeling too greasy. I love wearing the 2 together lately.  

Rating: 4/5
Price: 700rs

Essence Pure Skin Anti-Spot Cover Cream

What Essence Say:
Undercover… the natural-looking tinted cream with our clearderm complex has a double effect: it quickly and efficiently battles impurities and offers targeted coverage for individual pimples and red areas of skin at the same time! Simply apply on the affected areas, blend softly and enjoy your flawless complexion. Effectiveness dermatologically confirmed. 

What I think:
The Anti Spot Cover Cream is said to fight spots and blemishes while covering imperfections. It has a very creamy consistency with a dry texture which makes it difficult to blend out. The shade is on the beige side, it doesn't help with covering dark spots or undereyes with a purplish tone. It ends up exaggerating imperfections more than it should. I've tried dabbing this onto any spots but it's very difficult to blend into my skin. The coverage is medium which will work on blemishes more easily than with undereye circles.

On my swatch I applied it around my eyes, nose and any darkness around my face. While it covers everything in the photo it looks very unnatural in person but once you blend it out with a good foundation this can work well as a concealer. 

Rating: 3.5/5


For more information and details on the new Essence Pure Skin range, visit them on Facebook. You can purchase Essence online at 



[NAILS] Rimmel Salon Pro | Kate Moss Collection

Friday, September 13, 2013 Sidrah!!!! 15 Comments

Rimmel London have just recently launched a collection of Salon Pro with Lycra. Along with the collection of 49 shades total, 12 of them have been created in collab with Kate Moss. I absolutely love the Kate Moss Lipstick collection so these have the same sleek product packaging similar to the lipsticks. 

What Rimmel Say:
Rimmel introduces its new and improved Lycra1 nail polish collection: Salon Pro With Lycra®1.  Now you can get professional looking long-lasting, glossy, salon-style nails without the fuss!  It’s the first Lycra®1 polish that gives you an expert gel salon manicure finish without the hassle of curing.   Combining all the benefits of a 5-step salon manicure in one, the shiny, super-resilient, shock-proof colour lasts for up to 10 days.

From vivacious brights to subtle nudes, Salon Pro With Lycra®1 has a huge global palette of 49 fashion-driven shades.  Furthermore, the collection includes 12 bold new shades created, named and signed by Kate Moss herself.  Inspired by Kate’s love of the London music scene, each of her cutting-edge colours offers something for everyone. 
The applicator has a wide brush which I absolutely love. It makes application on both hands easy and quick. This also helps to apply the nail polish evenly and smoothly, I really like how the finish turned out on all of these polishes and since the applicator was wide, it made less of a mess since it gives you more control.
Rimmel Salon Pro | Kate Moss Collection 378 Posh Trash Swatch
378 Posh Trash is a medium metallic bronze. It applies a bit streaky but I learned to apply thinner layers to prevent it from happening. It applies opaque in 2 coats but you can get away with 1 coat.
Rimmel Salon Pro | Kate Moss Collection 703 Rock N Roll  Swatch
703 Rock N Roll is a bright cherry red. It has a very gorgeous glossy finish when dried. It applies opaque in 2 coats.
Rimmel Salon Pro | Kate Moss Collection 311 Spring Yellow  Swatch
311 Spring Yellow is a subtle yellow. This was the sheerest of the bunch. It would work best with a white base. It took about 3-4 coats to get it opaque enough.

These have been launched internationally in the UK and UAE but I'm unsure if these will be available in Pakistan anytime soon. I do hope they do soon since I really liked a few bright colors from the range!