Tote your way into Summer!

Monday, July 30, 2012 Sidrah!!!! 13 Comments

A perfect summer handbag for me should be bright, bold and should be able to carry EVERYTHING yet having a casual vibe. Some might say oversized bags might be an outfit killer but it really depends on how you carry it. The bag in focus today is from D Philosophy by Deepak Perwani. It's a rich, bold large bag filled with embroidery all over.
D philosophy is a pret brand from the house of Deepak Perwani. D philosophy is simply put the philosophy of Deepak Perwani, a fashion designer who believes in putting the fun back into fashion.

D philosophy suits the every day needs of women who are looking for clothes with a little oomph, some drama and lots of character. The D philosophy collection is based on a vibrant color palette and exquisite and unique embellishments which gives each outfit its own character and identity. D philosophy is being stocked at Deepak Perwani's flagship stores in Lahore and Karachi. 
The Bag is described as: Hand-crafted traditional woven handbag using a bright printed dastar khwaan with jewel embellishments with a wooden handle.

This has been my go to weekend bag whenever I visit my relatives. This bag can carry everything! My makeup bag, my camera bag. I love how bold and vibrant the colors of this bag is. It really makes a statement for the summer. 

Whats your favorite bag for the summer?


Layering Fashion for Work

Monday, July 16, 2012 Sidrah!!!! 5 Comments

3/4 Sleeve Dotted Blouse
I’m sure some of my readers are working women, or about to enter the workplace. Ever since I finished university I found myself looking over my wardrobe and noticing that the clothes I use to wear during that time was far too casual. Jeans and t-shirts and even cotton outfits will not cut it once you start your career, especially when you want to send a proper message across with your attire. Now I’ve noticed that you can easily find affordable clothes in the city, not only in malls but bazaars and even online shopping.

Crochet Lace Open Blazer
My favorite type of work attire is layering. It’s the ideal fashion trend that can balance your figure for those who are a bit insecure. It’s also perfect for those who want to cover themselves while also being trendy.

I prefer layering with a chiffon top over a button down shirt but just make sure to wear a fabric that is a bit easy flowing so that it won’t look too stiff. For me I love the concept of layering because I can easily hide areas that I’m not happy with, if you want to conceal your 

waistline you might find layering very helpful in hiding such areas. Just be careful not to look frumpy when you do decide to layer.

So what’s the best way to layer? Start by picking a lighter color top to wear under a dark shade cardigan. I always pick a bright color shirt that has a collar so it looks more sophisticated for work. Then I pair it up with a neutral or black cardigan. 

Everyone knows that dark colors do make you look slimmer, this doesn’t really mean that you should always wear black go for neutrals such as beige. You can easily layer a scarf on top if you want to wear it for work. Other clothing items that can be layered are blouses and vests, adding a bright scarf can really amp up an outfit. 

If you are looking for some ideas on layering you can check out Wet Seal, they do ship internationally to Pakistan! In addition, check out these wet seal coupons here.


Love it or Leave it

Love it or Leave it! -- L'oreal, Sleek, MUA

Friday, July 13, 2012 Sidrah!!!! 16 Comments

Hey everyone!

I'm sure you all have noticed a drastic decline in my beauty reviews, as much as I wish I had time nowadays it has been getting a bit tough to write detailed beauty reviews. Sooo my solution is to start a Love it or Leave it beauty edition where I will be giving a brief review on some beauty products that I have been trying out lately. So let's get started

Love it!

The first product that I have been loving lately is the L'oreal Paris Color Riche Lipstick in Natural Brunette. This is a neutral lipstick that is perfect for daytime, it's very moisturizing and have a really good color payoff. The only downside is that it's not long-wearing at all. I still love the color and the product and isn't the packing gorgeous.

Another lip product I love is the MUA Love Hearts Lip Balm in Hot Lips. The texture of this lip balm is smooth and moisturizing, I love using this throughout the day to keep my lips soft. Once the product wears off your lips continue to feel softer.

Leave it!

By far the most disappointing product for me, the Sleek Twist up Eye Pencil in Midnight. It's greasy, it doesn't set at all. I wore this for one day and it creased all over my eyes. If you have oily lids then this is going to be a nightmare for you!

I call this my touch up powder, the MUA Pressed Powder in Shade 2 doesn't do anything for my oily skin. I wear this in the morning and the oil around my t-zone just eats up the product in about an hour, I do use this just for touching up my makeup which works okay for that purpose. The packaging is tiny so it's nice to carry it around and only for 200Rs you can't expect much from the product. 

So I hope you all found this post helpful! Let me know if you would like to see more let me know in the comments!



[OUTFIT] Summer in Bloom

Tuesday, July 10, 2012 Sidrah!!!! 8 Comments

I love discovering new designers. Especially when their clothes are worth the hype, which not a lot of designers are worth even creating over. Today I am wearing an outfit that I've worn out quite a few times, and every time I get a compliment about the color and design of the dress. So let's check out the designer, SRS Boutique.
SRS is an Exclusive Boutique Specially for working ladies and girls who do not get time to shop and design clothes for themselves. We offer quality material with Classical and Traditional embroidery with negotiating prices.

Fashion that you wear reflects your being and minding your fashion cannot be known by any one better than SRS , an important part in the life of every Woman. We offer Traditional dresses like embroidered Salwar Kamiz, Formal, Bridal , Casual and others are available exclusively in our boutique. We are specially providing our services to those who lives abroad or for other people who are interested in Indian and Pakistani Fashion and Clothes.

Company Overview
SRS is an Exclusive Boutique Specially for working ladies and girls who do not get time to shop and design clothes for themselves. We offer quality material with Classical and Traditional embroidery with negotiating prices.

Back embroidery

Sleeve Embroidery 
This outfit is very comfortable to wear during this hot weather. The fabric is made out of a light cotton material, which does get wrinkled very easily! A good starch is needed to wear this out the entire day. What I love about the shirt is that the back is very elegantly embroidered, it's not too surprising since it blends in well with the color of the shirt. I love the forest green shade of the fabric, I've never owned a dress this color so it really brightens my complexion. The buttons on the collar and sleeves is a pearl which adds a nice touch to the outfit. I paired the top with a wide-leg trousers and an off white dupatta.

Where you can purchase SRS
Element Pret


For more details on SRS Boutique you can visit their Facebook Page.


Hair Products,

[REVIEW] Big Sexy Hair Volumizing Dry Shampoo

Monday, July 09, 2012 Sidrah!!!! 12 Comments

We've all had one of those days when we want to skip out on washing our hair, thus comes the dry shampoo. A can of miracle that promises to absorb all the excess oil buildup on you scalp. the Big Sexy Hair Volumizing Dry Shampoo promises to absorb any excess oil while creating volume. Let's see how this worked out for me!
BIG VOLUMIZING DRY SHAMPOO Use on dry hair to absorb dirt, excess oil and product build-up. Creates volume, provides UV protection and helps maintain color by lengthening time between washes.

How to use:
Shake can well then hold 6-8 inches away from head. Spray lightly onto scalp, focusing on roots. Leave on for two minutes and brush out excess product.

Key Ingredients:

Zeolite- Absorbs oil, dirt, and product build-up
Sunflower Seed Extract -  Conditioning agent
Fragrance Deodorizes and refreshes the hair

Let's Sum it up!

With the dirt and humidity in Pakistan, I really think that dry shampoos NEED to come out in the market. I do suffer from oily hair which needs washed daily otherwise my hair just gets very flat, so this product sounded ideal for me. I've been trying to wash my hair a bit less often lately because I colored my hair recently. 

The major con that I have heard about dry shampoos is that they all don't suit dark hair, it'll look like you have grey hair. This has been ideal for me and my hair! This will work on the darkest hair and will not leave a speck of color. The only dislike I have about this is that it leaves my hair feeling like I have a mediums strength hairspray on, I'm not a huge fan of stuff hair. I don't apply this all over my scalp because it does leave my hair feeling stiff. If you need a bit a volume with your bangs then this is perfect for that. Oh and the smell, just like hairspray which I didn't prefer. You do a small can of product but since I have been using a small amount (just a spritz) this might last me a few months.

Rating: 4/5

Price: 1,400rs
Availability: Selected Salons in Pakistan

For more information you can check out Sexy Hair Pakistan on their website.

Will you be giving it a go? What's your favourite dry shampoo?