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[REVIEW] Color Studio Professional Pro Luminous Foundation

Tuesday, June 26, 2012 Sidrah!!!! 12 Comments

I'm always up for trying out a new foundation, especially one with so many added benefits. The Pro Luminous Foundation by Color Studio Professional is a new product out in the market that claims to provide whitening agents along with SPF for medium to full coverage. I've been testing this out for a couple of weeks so lets see what I think of it!
Color Studio Professional’s latest addition to their makeup range is the Pro Luminous Foundation. Our skin needs extra pampering and finding the perfect foundation is a tough task. With daily sun damage the added UVA and UVB protection provides long wearing coverage against harmful sunrays. The benefit of SPF 15, the Pro Luminous Foundation provides effective protection from sun damage and photo-aging. With the Pro Luminous Foundation, achieve a flawless look with multipurpose benefits all in one bottle! 
This reminds me of the typical drugstore sqeeze tube bottles, the consistency of the foundation is very liquidy and this bottle dispenses the perfect amount of product. When I first opened the bottle, it does spill out A LOT of product, making the top very messy but after using it the product doesn't overflow out of the bottle. The bottle does seem small at first, but you really need a small amount to cover your entire face.
The Pro Luminous Foundations come in 4 shades, for olive toned skin you'll be sure to find the perfect shade in this range. The numbering on the foundations is a major flaw in this range. If I was a customer going into a store to look into foundations, I would go by the number in the range and by how different the shades would vary with the order. 

With that said, Shade 101 Asian Beige is the deepest out of the 4 foundations. Shade 102 Soft Beige is the lightest of the 4, it has almost a slight pink undertone but this would work on pale complexions. Shade 103 Ivory is lighter than Shade 104 Natural Skin, they both look very similar and have the same undertones but Ivory is slightly lighter. Natural Skin is perfect for my skin tone, it has more of a yellow undertone compared to Ivory.

Color Studio Professional Pro Luminous Foundation Swatch
Color Studio Professional Pro Luminous Foundation Swatch (Shade 104 Natural Skin)
To Sum it up:
The Pro Luminous Foundation has a really thin- slightly watery consistency without being very sheer, which I really like in a foundation. At first I thought the thin consistency would mean that I would use a lot of product everyday and considering the size of bottle but surprisingly I needed a bigger than pea size amount of product to cover my entire face and neck. For medium coverage you will require more product. The thin consistency gives a light to medium coverage and applies pretty easily and it does get rid of the yellowy tone to my skin. 

In the morning I can easily slap this on my face with my fingers and know that I don't need to spend too much time to blend it into my skin. So if you don't have a foundation brush, you can easily work with this product. With the added whitening benefits, it gives a slight brightening effect to the skin that I really like though I'm not sure how this would look for night photography since it does contain UVA/UVB and flash photography will make your skin appear white. It surprisingly lightens up the darkness around my eyes without the use of concealer. This has been ideal to use for the daytime since it does have the SPF benefits.

As for the finish, its very dewy. I apply this in the morning after washing my face, applying an oil absorbing toner then a primer because I have combination skin. Even with all the prepping this does make my skin oily around the t-zone after an hour or 2. For everyday use I don't mind have a slightly dewy finish, the oil around my nose does get annoying. I do set this with a mineral powder. If you do have oil/combination skin type and you don't mind a dewy finish then you will like this formula. 

The shade selection isn't that wide but there will be a shade perfect for your skin tone because it is a light coverage foundation. This can be built up to a medium coverage but not at all full coverage. 

I would recommend this to someone who is new to makeup but aren't looking for a lot of coverage with their foundation.

- Easily Blendable
- Light-weight formula
- Brightening effect
- Moisturizing 
- Contains SPF
- Natural finish

- Not ideal for oil/combination skin type
- Weird scent
- Not long-wearing without a setting powder

Rating: 3/5

Price: Rs.750

For more information you can check out Color Studio Professional on Facebook as well as their website.



[REVIEW] Garnier Skin Naturals Oil Control Fairness cream SPF 15

Sunday, June 24, 2012 Sidrah!!!! 12 Comments

There's a new product from Garnier out now! I loved using the Skin Naturals Light Moisturizing Cream SPF 15 for the longest time, with the new Oil Control Fairness cream promising to keep your skin free from oil build up while naturally lightening your skin tone. Sounds like the perfect product for the summer?
Garnier enhances its Skin Care Portfolio with the launch of the Skin Naturals Light Moisturizing Cream SPF 15

The naturally sourced Garnier Light Oil Control Fairness Cream is the latest innovation within the Garnier Skin Naturals Light range, which stands for fairness. The cream contains natural lightening power of lemon essence, renowned for whitening the skin tone, fading acne marks and providing flawless fairness. This natural power is combined with a unique oil trapping technology, which gives the skin shine free, matte based fairness lasting upto 8 hours.  

Lets Sum it up:
Garnier products have always suited my skin, this is one summer product I knew I had to mention on my blog because the hot season ends up doing treacherous things to my skin. Skin Naturals Oil Control Fairness cream is similar to the Light Moisturizing Cream that comes in the glass jar. I loved using it but it did make my skin oily through the day, so I was looking forward to trying out the promise of a matte finish.
I've stopped using moisturizers for the summer, so I'm stuck with using only a primer or sun screen because oil just builds up on my nose if I use too many products. I use just a pea size amount and apply it starting from my nose and blending it out. You only need a small amount of product or else it does leave a white layer, if you have a darker complexion I would recommend using a tiny amount. For me the white layer wasn't an issue. 
This seemed like the perfect product because it does contain SPF. The texture of the cream does mattify, it's not one of those slippery creams that glide on easily. The scent is the typical citrus/lemony that most of their products contain which I like. 
As far as the 8 hour claim goes, not a chance! This lasted about 2-3 hours before I could feel the oil creeping up on my t-zone. I do like how my skin feels with this cream once applied, it leaves a smooth texture. 

- Sun protection
- Naturally Lightens skin
- Citrus scent not too strong 
- Smooths out skin

- Not long wearing as claimed
- Not suitable for dry skin
- Will leave a white layer on darker complexions 

Price: 40 ml PKR 199 
          20 ml PKR 99

Rating: 3.5/5
Availability: All Leading super stores



[OUTFIT] Summer Nights

Sunday, June 24, 2012 Sidrah!!!! 12 Comments

Its been wayyy too long since I've made an update! But now I'm back with an outfit of the night, I wore this outfit last night at a dinner party with family, so let's talk a bit about the designer.

About the Designer:
Cranberry is an up and coming designer that will exhibit their Spring/Summer collection titled Spring Tides. The line carries casual and semi-formal outfits based on contemporary cuts with draping, screen prints, block prints, appliqués. With a color palette consisting of a mixture of pastel blues, green, pink, yellow and beiges along with a few vibrant pieces was dedicated to the summer season. 

The outfits incorporated exquisite embroideries and embellishments. The materials used for casuals consisted of mallai lawn, with the semi formal using chiffon and shamus fabric.

Cranberry is relatively new designer on the block that launched her collection at Brands Just Pret. This outfit is really simple and easy to wear. Its a loose flowing a-line cut shirt with a dyed effect on the sleeves and the bottom border. This outfit came in a few different dyed shades such as red and yellow but this mustard shade looked more flattering and unique. The fabric used is a crinkle georgette which does get a bit hot to wear during this warm weather. I like the contrasting red buttons on the front which gives a more contrasting look to the outfit. I paired it with a simple white trousers and dupatta. The block printing effect on the front is my favorite aspect of this outfit! Overall its a nice outfit but with the price tag, it is overpriced for what you are getting. You can find this in store at Brands Just Pret where Cranberry is currently stocking.

Price: 5,500Rs
Availability: Brands Just Pret at Dolmen Clifton, check out their webstore here
For more information on Cranberry you can visit their Facebook Page here

What do you think of Cranberry's designs?



The new L’Oreal Paris Color Riche ~Press Release

Monday, June 11, 2012 Sidrah!!!! 4 Comments

Color is Back! There’s only one rule; re-invent yourself with L’Oreal Paris Color Riche!

Women are now reinventing themselves everyday through color be in her clothes, hair color, cosmetics and of course lipstick. Experience the intense, natural and boosting serum lip shades through L’Oreal Paris Color Riche where the L’Oréal Laboratories have selected only the purest and finest color pigments, combined uniquely with Omega 3 and Vitamin E to moisturise lips for smooth application and for comfortable wear. L’Oréal Paris Color Riche has a wide range of assertive, intense, vivid, radiant colors which are once again in vogue.

L’Oréal Paris Color Riche is made of rich ingredients and pigments that impart purity and intensity to every woman’s complexion and comes in a wide range of shades and hues that go beyond red to include orange, fuchsia, purple, brown and the ever-popular beige tones.

“I absolutely love the luminous loveliness of L’Oréal Paris Color Riche which offers an enormous amount of light reflect and shine. It’s not a Lipstick, it’s my Color Riche!” - L’Oréal Paris Pakistan Spokesperson Aamina Sheikh

Priced at PKR 1,400, L’Oréal Paris Color Riche Lipstick is now available at all L’Oréal Paris counters across Pakistan.



Color Studio Professional Blush Range Swatches

Sunday, June 10, 2012 Sidrah!!!! 17 Comments

It's a Color Studio Professional Blushfest! I did a detailed review of Shade 104 Havana that you can check out here. Today I am going to be swatching the rest of 4 Pro Blushes in the range. The range has a limited color selection but each of these are definitely unique. I've become a blush addict now with these shades, check out them if you get a chance to visit a Color Studio Pro kiosk! 

Pro Blush Shade 101: Audacious Orange
The brightest of the bunch, peachy-orange with subtle shimmers. The shimmers don't show up much on the cheeks.

Pro Blush Shade 102: Natural Glow
A really natural peachy shade with subtle shimmers, this is my go-to blush for daytime. If you have light to medium skin tone it will show up really well, for darker skin tones I would recommend to skip this!

Pro Blush Shade 103: Pixie Pink
A straight up matte soft pink shade, great for a soft pop of color. This would be perfect for someone who is new to blushes.

Pro Blush Shade 105: Pinkify
A matte dark pink, almost reddish in the pan but it blends out into a bright pink. 


Price: Rs.550
Available: and your nearby Color Studio Professional kiosk

For more information you can check out Color Studio Professional on Facebook as well as their website.


My new specs!

Sunday, June 10, 2012 Sidrah!!!! 2 Comments

I rarely switch out my glasses, my last pair lasted me a good 3 years. My eye sight has gotten to the point where it doesn't fluctuate anymore. So I visited a glasses shop to get a new pair because my boss recommended to check it out. I've had numerous bad experiences in the past when I’ve been over charged and promised something that I didn't get. I have a very high number lens, with my weak eyes I have to purchase a compressed lens which costs about 6-7k for only 2 lenses! If you have a weak eye sight you probably know how it feels to spend so much on glasses. 

I visited Outlook Eyewear a few times before actually making a purchase. I wanted to make sure that I'm getting my moneys worth. So I picked out a pair of rectangular frames in a dark maroon shade. The owner Ovais was very helpful in guiding me with various frames, which I must say customer service was a delight at this place. 

They took only 2 days to get my frames ready which was great, the first lens that I received wasn't what I initially thought I was getting. My previous lens were made out of glass so that it's the most compressed version. Both of my eyes are around -5 and -6 so with plastic frames I received they were almost 4x the thickness of my previous one. A huge disappointment when I saw them. Fortunately Ovais was super helpful and offered to replace it with glass lens at no additional charge, it took longer than expected to get what I wanted in the first place.

Now I'm super happy with my glasses. The store is great if your looking to get prescription glasses within a few days since they have all of their lens in stock. 

Check out some of their frames!
About Outlook:
Outlook Eyewear is one of the leading optical stores in Karachi. We have been widely known for our vast assortment of authentic branded eyewear. Our unique selling point is our prices and after sales support which are distinctively lesser than elsewhere.

Shop#2, Plot#32-C, Opposite Ciao Cafe, 6th Zamzama Comm Lane, Phase-5, DHA, Karachi, Pakistan-75600
(021) 35371016

For more information check out their Facebook page.

Have you ever visited Outlook Eyewear?


Face Product,

[REVIEW] Mineral Hygienics

Saturday, June 09, 2012 Sidrah!!!! 14 Comments

I've been seeing so many raving reviews of Mineral Hygienics so I decided to check it out myself! With mineral makeup, you'll be sure to get all natural ingredients from lipsticks to eyeshadows from the brand. Today I will be reviewing 2 products from Mineral Hygienics; Warm Kiss Mineral Bronzer and Sheer Perfection Matte Finish.

The Mineral Hygienics Story

It all started with a pimple.

We didn’t set out to revolutionize the makeup industry. When Mineral Hygienics first started, we were conducting extensive testing to create a skin-friendly line of products to treat acne without harsh side effects. But in working with hundreds of women of all ages and skin types, we discovered that more often than not, there was a common culprit behind most mild acne problems: bad makeup.

Armed with a lab full of research, we turned our focus to creating the perfect makeup – one that didn’t just make your skin look good by masking imperfections, but was actually good for your skin. We’ve spent years perfecting an all-natural formula that uses the fewest number of ingredients in the industry – in exactly the right combination, for exactly the right results.
Lets start with the Sheer Perfection Mineral finish in Matte!


All of the benifits of our Sheer Perfection Mineral Finishing Powder, Plus the added benefits of oil absorbtion. 
If you are prone to oily skin. Use this special powder to reduce oil and shine. Use as much as you need, all throughout the day, it won't cake up or enlarge your pores.
Mineral Hygienics- Sheer Perfection Matte Finish
Lets sum it up:
The Sheer Perfection Matte Finish is a translucent power that goes on colorless on the skin. For me a matte finish powder is an absolute must for my t-zone, with my combination skin my t-zone tends to get the most oil build up. A matte powder should keep my face matte throughout the day, I hate doing touch ups throughout the day. Like most powders, pairing it with a foundation that has a dewy finish will end up eating the loose powder away. With this Sheer Perfection powder, it lasts only 2 hours before the oil just washes the product off. Even without wearing a foundation, this doesn’t keep my face matte over moisturizer. I’ve tried pairing this with a few different products such as primers, but nothing seemed to work to get it to wear longer than 2 hours.  

I like how it doesn't add a white layer on my skin like some translucent powders do. The powder feels really soft when applied on the skin and blends out evenly. It does cover up my pores when I use a powder puff to press the product into my t-zone since I need a better cover around my nose and forehead. 

This would work really well for someone with normal skin for the summer if your not prone to oil build up on your t-zone. 

- Colorless
- Natural Finish
- Soft texture
- Blends easily
- Hides Pores

- Not Long-wearing

Price: $19
Rating: 3/5


Everyone's favorite! Soft, sheer, subtle sunkissed glow. Create the illusion of radiant, sun-kissed skin! Use as a healthy looking complexion booster, blush, cheek contour, eye shadow or lip color. Our Sheer Mineral Enhancers are light, natural and are perfect for color adjustments to your foundation.
Mineral Hygienics- Warm Kiss Mineral Bronzer
Mineral Hygienics- Warm Kiss Mineral Bronzer Swatch 

Lets Sum it up:
I rarely ever use bronzer in my makeup routine, but this product has changed that! Lately I've been using a tiny bit of Warm Kiss bronzer. I apply it to cheeks and it gives a really nice contour that looks like a blush color. With a small amount it almost looks peachy. The bronzer has a tiny bit of shimmer but it doesn't show up on the skin so it gives a matte finish. I recommend using a small amount because the texture is dry and it becomes difficult to blend out. I wouldn't recommend this for dry skin. This does wear relatively longer, about 5 hours then it fades. 

- Multi-purpose
- Natural finish
- Super Pigmented
- Long wearing

- Dry texture

Price: $20
Rating: 4/5
Availability: Mineral Hygienics online



[REVIEW] Rimmel London Kate Moss Lipsticks

Sunday, June 03, 2012 Sidrah!!!! 16 Comments

Who doesn't love a drugstore product that feels like luxury! The new Kate Moss lipstick collection by Rimmel just released this year with some amazing shades. Today I will be reviewing Shade 12 and 5.
What Rimmel Say:
Kate Moss has created her first ever lipstick collection for Rimmel London. With a selection of fashion-forward shades to choose from in an exclusive signature pack. The Lipstick Collection is a true chic treat, a must have for every Rimmel London Lover. With a breakthrough formula featuring the exclusive black diamond pigment complex, the lipstick reflects like never before creating gorgeous tones that make you look, and then look again. Kate’s collection captures the flair, edge and timelessness of her unique look. With 7 shades get ready to fall in love with your favourite!
Rimmel London Kate Moss Lipsticks in Shade 12 & 5
The packaging comes in a sleek matte black tube, its super sturdy!
Rimmel London Kate Moss Lipsticks in Shade 12 & 5
Shade 12: A bright tangerine orange, super opaque.
Shade 5: A soft pink, not as bright and bold as Shade 12. Its a bit on the sheer side.
Rimmel London Kate Moss Lipsticks Swatch
Rimmel London Kate Moss Lipsticks Shade 5 Swatch
Rimmel London Kate Moss Lipsticks Shade 12 Swatch
To Sum it up:
I love any product that promises to be long-wearing and actually delivers. These lipsticks both have a semi-matte finish, its not over drying on my lips. I do suggest scrubbing your lips and applying lip balm if you find that your lips get too dry, another option is to find a creamy lipliner to use as a base. 

These have been the longest wearing lipsticks I've ever tried. It has a sort of moisturizing benefit that doesn't dry out your lips like matte finish lipsticks do. Shade 12 is more pigmented than Shade 5, it is a bright orange shade which I find toning it down with a neutral tone lipliner works really well. Shade 5 is similar to my natural lip color, this one has been my favorite to wear for the daytime! These don't feather out on their own, they stay put once you apply it.

These do accentuates fine lines but whenever I find that the product starts building up I just press my lips together to smooth it out.  I don't need to touch up my lips for about 5 to 6 hours, it doesn't face evenly. It leaves these patchy fade marks which is why I recommend wearing a lipliner.

I love the scent of these lipsticks. It doesn't have any sort of taste but it has a mild fruity scent which isn't overpowering after you apply it. One aspect that I like about these is that the lipstick bullet is stiff, lately many of my lipsticks have broken because of the weather and these are pretty hard but still apply smoothly on my lips.

I highly recommend checking these out if you hate touching up your make up every couple of hours.

- Long wearing
- Highly pigmented
- Packaging
- Semi-matte finish
- Mild Fruit scent

- Leaves a stain
- Accentuates fine lines

Price: 825Rs
Rating: 5/5
Availability: All leading super stores,