[REVIEW] Color Studio Professional Blush in Havana

Wednesday, April 18, 2012 Sidrah!!!! 12 Comments

I've become such a fan of blushes lately. Before I never used blush but slowly I've become hooked on them and I've been trying to use them daily. I have always loved peachy tone blushes for a while but I've started to like different colors. I recently received the Color Studio Pro Blush in Havana, it has not been released yet so I was lucky to try this out! It's definitely a unique color for my collection.

Color Studio Professional Blush in Havana

Color Studio Professional Say:
  • Easy to blend with foundation for any skin tone
  • Long lasting Effects
  • For contouring
  • Light weight application
  • Aesthetic beauty care
Color Studio Professional Blush in Havana
I know I have to mention the packaging for this blush. At first glance I was expecting a flimsy plastic packaging since that's how it kinda looks. But it's really not. The product comes in a sturdy case, it closes tightly and it looks pretty chic! Did I mention the 13g worth of product? You get a ton of product, the product is the exact same size as a Beauty UK Blusher.
Color Studio Professional Blush in Havana
Havana is a deep rosey color blush with a tiny bit of shimmer, I don't notice traces of pink but more mauve tones. The powder is extremely soft and easily blends into the skin. The shimmer is not overpowering, it actually shows up as a matte finish. The pigmentation is amazing, you need the tiniest bit of product to apply on the cheeks. This would work really well for those with deeper skin tones.
Color Studio Professional Blush in Havana
Color Studio Professional Blush in Havana Swatch

To Sum it up:
I'm really impressed with this blush. I thought that this would be too dark for my skin but Havana has everything you are looking for in a blush. Its richly pigmented, its not powdery and it blends in easily. The shade is super pretty, if you like matte finish blushes than don't fear the sparkles in this blush. The shimmer barely shows up and the product has an almost powder to cream finish. The first time I applied this I dug my brush into the product and I ended up with too much product on my cheeks. You need the smallest amount of product to apply on your cheeks. I really like the natural looking finish of this product. I can't wait for you all to actually try these out! They will be releasing this weekend at a Color Studio Professional Kiosk near you.

- Smooth Texture
- Blends easily
- Pigmented
- Long wearing
- Study Packaging
- Ton of product
- Minimal shimmer


Rating: 5/5

Price: Rs.550

For more information you can check out Color Studio Professional on Facebook as well as their website.

Are you excited about these new Color Studio Pro Blushes as much as I am?

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