Mausummery Lawn Shop Tour

Tuesday, April 10, 2012 Sidrah!!!! 0 Comments

I recently visited Mausummery Lawn latest store opening at Dolmen Mall, Clifton. Mausummery Lawn first opened its doors in 1997 and since then has made its mark in the lawn market. Now Mausummery Lawn continues to release designer collections with chic aesthetics. The shop has a very earthy feel to it, with cement deplays and plants decor around the shop. Mausummery Lawn initially launched its outlet in Lahore at Regency Plaza.
About Mausummery:
For more than 2 generations, the Mausummery brand has been part of a family company committed to bringing delight to our customers.

Our family-owned and run company has grown significantly over the years, and today you can find Mausummery across the globe. Passion is a single word that describes the ethos of Mausummery, providing a unique design style for millions of our customers every single season for the last 15 years! We trace our success to the roots of one man, Pervez Ahmad, which began with his love of a flower called Mausummery, a visionary daughter, and a simple goal to provide joy and happiness to thousands of households across Pakistan.

Ayesha Ahmad Mansoor today represents the 2nd generation’s calling to take Mausummery to the next level of growth & critical acclaim!
The Spring/Summer Collection has a wide variety of unstitched outfits available. From embroidery to bright prints, you will surely find something within your budget. With prices ranging from 1350Rs to 3750Rs. You can find the entire catalog along with their prices on their main website.

For more information you can find Mausummery Lawn on their website here as well as their Facebook Page here

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