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[REVIEW] Ecco Bella Eye Nutrients Cream

Saturday, April 28, 2012 Sidrah!!!! 9 Comments

Ecco Bella Eye Nutrients Cream
I haven't tried a lot of eye serums but considering my age its always recommended to treat certain problems before they get out of control. I've always tried products that promise to reduce  dark undereye circles but now I find using a serum that firms the undereye has benefited me more. With dark circles I can always correct them with concealer but with the fine lines developed under my eyes makes concealing more difficult. The Ecco Bella Eye Nutrients Cream promises to firm fine lines and postpone the signs of aging. 
Ecco Bella Eye Nutrients Cream
What Ecco Bella Says:
Our natural eye cream is water-free, preservative-free and for sensitive skin. Pure protection to postpone the signs of aging and maintain the smoothness around the eyes. Trillions of VitaminCells, which are vitamins protected by microscopic liposomes dive deep into the skin and slowly release their age-fighting benefits. Will not cause breakouts. 50% organic. Gluten-free. Vegan. Not tested on animals. 
Natural Beauty Tip for Intelligent Beauties: The delicate skin around the eye does not have oil glands and tends to wrinkle. This antioxidant-rich formula reinforces and replenishes this fragile area. 
Ecco Bella Eye Nutrients Cream
I love the quality of the packaging. The bottle and product doesn't feel cheap at all. The serum has a gel texture. It doesn't have any scent and feels comfortable on the under eye area. It doesn't sting but you can feel the product on you. It doesn't absorb into your skin. After I wake up I can still feel the product on my skin. It has Vaseline like texture when you wake up. Even after I wash my face I can still feel the product so it’s very difficult to remove even after face wash.
Ecco Bella Eye Nutrients Cream
To Sum it up:
I've been using the Ecco Bella for about 6 weeks now. After about 2 weeks the fine lines under my eyes have gradually become a bit more firm. I know I'm not the only one that forgets to use a product each and every day. I used it for about 3 weeks straight then after that I kept forgetting so it’s been on and off. I usually apply the eye cream at night with the tiniest amount. The pump dispenses more product than you actually need. I haven't notice a drastic change but I do think I have an easier time applying concealer now!
- Organic formula
- Gradually firms fine lines

- Packaging disperses too much product
- Product doesn't wash off easily

Rating: 4/5

Price: $34.95 Available on their webstore here

For more information check out Ecco Bella on Facebook 


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[REVIEW] Color Studio Professional Eye Ink in Gold Dust and Razzle Dazzle

Saturday, April 28, 2012 Sidrah!!!! 5 Comments

Color Studio Pro are coming out with some brand new products this month. I already reviewed the Pro Blush in Havana that I absolutely love using. The Eye Ink's range come in a variety of wearable shades, all of them you can wear on its own for a wash of color.  I already tested out these Eye Inks in a look I created here and they wear very well. The consistency of these shades are powdery and are easily blendable but you do have to pack on the color to get a good payoff. 

The Look I created if you haven't check out my tutorial here

What Color Studio Pro Say:
Easy to apply with hand or with eye shadow brush
Blends well, and perfect for any kind of skin tone
Designed specially to meet the challenging needs of makeup addicts and makeup artists worldwide
The Color Rush Eye Shadow is recommended to be used with the Soft Kohl Kajal Eyeliners to create a vast array of looks only limited by the artist’s creativity.
Razzle Dazzle is a blackened green with bronze sparkles. The sparkles are wearable and don't show up that much on the lids. You have to build up the color to get a good payoff. I find that using a spongetip applicator really packs the color on.

Gold Dust is more on the peachy side instead of being a true gold. I love wearing this on its own, I like that it's not an over the top color.

The swatch is layered on twice, the payoff is good but you will need a flat shader brush to pack on the color or use a good sponge tip applicator. 
Color Studio Professional Eye Ink in Razzle Dazzle and  Gold Dust Swatch

- Easy to blend
- Wearable colors
- Not over the top sparkles

- Does require layering
- Limited shade selection

Rating: 3.5/5
Price: 400Rs

For More information you can check out Color Studio Pro on their Website and their Facebook Page Here



[REVIEW] Inika Cosmetics Brush Roll

Monday, April 23, 2012 Sidrah!!!! 8 Comments

I've always preferred to use synthetic makeup brushes. I find that they wash and apply makeup way better compared to animal hair brushes. The Inika Brush Roll comes with 8 all vegan brushes to work with your makeup for an easy and flawless application each time!
Inika Brush Roll


The INIKA Vegan Professional Brush Roll contains all of the vital tools needed to help you create an immaculate, flawless look.

What is included:

  • Blush Brush: Soft oval shaped brush with its long bristles will give you perfect blush every time
  • Foundation Brush: Flat, dome shaped dense bristles to flawlessly distribute liquid mineral foundation or light reflect highlighting crème
  • Concealer brush: shorter dense bristles  will cover any redness or dark circles when used with INIKA concealer
  • Eyebrow Shaper: Brush and comb combo perfects unruly brows whilst separating lashes
  • Blending Brush: this brush has longer fuller bristles than the concealer brush and works perfectly with our loose dust eyeshadows
  • Angle Brush: Bristles cut on sharp angle for perfect application of mineral eyeshadow over eyeliner or use on the lash line.
  • Precision Brush: use this ‘mini’ version of the angle brush, on your brows to fill any gaps, as a fine eyeliner brush or use it to smudge your eyeliner
  • Lip Brush: use to apply lipstick with perfect precision, even lip whip application is possible with this finely tapered lip brush
  • Packaging: The brush roll is made from recyclable canvas material. All brush bristles are made from synthetic fibers and are 100% Vegan.
Inika Brush Roll
Inika Brush Roll
Inika Angle Brush and Precision Brush
Inika Angle Brush and Precision Brush
Inika Concealer Brush and Blending Brush
Inika Eyebrow Shaper and Lip Brush
Inika Eyebrow Shaper and Lip Brush
Inika Blush Brush and Foundation Brush
Inika Blush Brush and Foundation Brush
Inika Blush Brush

This has been my go to brush set ever since I got these! The brushes are high quality and I have not experienced any shedding which is my pet peeve of makeup brushes. I can't stand a brush that sheds! These have really been great to work with. My favorite is the Blush Brush, it's dense and yet fluffy to blend out powder blushes. Its the perfect size for the cheeks. I do wish the set came with a powder brush since I can never go a day without powder foundation. The Foundation Brush is dense and flexible, its not as stiff compared to other foundation brushes that I have tried. Daily I use the Precision Brush and Concealer Brush. The Precision Brush is perfect for my brows while the Concealer Brush works great to blend out my undereye concealer. The Angled Brush works great to add a dark eyeshadow on the outer eye corners, for a smokey look. 

Overall a great starter brush set, its great for traveling since the brush roll is light and easy to carry around. 

£49.00 Available on their Webstore here

For more information check out Inika Cosmetics on their website and Facebook


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[REVIEW] Rimmel Scandaleyes Mascara

Monday, April 23, 2012 Sidrah!!!! 9 Comments

Mascara is probably the only makeup product that I have a difficult time figuring out. With my hard to curl lashes, most mascaras just weight down my curl. So finding the perfect mascara that brings volume to my lashes while holding up my curl would be ideal. With Rimmel's new Scandaleyes Mascara, the promises are endless. Volume with an innovative brush and 3x the attitude to guarantee scandalous behaviour!
Rimmel Scandaleyes Mascara
 Rimmel Says:

It’s time to get involved in a scandal. And this time, it’s massive.
Introducing a scandalous mascara, ready to take your lashes to the next level.  Rimmel’s new ScandalEyes Mascara doesn’t know when to stop. With a brand new oversized brush and innovative formula, be prepared to say hello to lashes you never knew you had. Shaped, plumped, and exaggerated to perfection. Don’t settle for anything less. Be part of the lash revolution.

The new MaxDensity brush, that’s 50% larger* and thicker, covers your lashes with attention – from corner to corner. Bristles now flex in to deposit mascara and out to comb through clumps, so volume will scream. With scandalous eye opening volume, this mascara should need a license.

Watch false lashes become a thing of the past, as ScandalEyes mascara becomes the ultimate beauty weapon in your make-up bag. This Rimmel revolution has 3x the collagen* for plumper, sculpted lashes, 3x the keratin* for strong and healthy lashes and… 3x the attitude to guarantee scandalous behaviour!

For lashes so luscious it’s almost criminal! Unleash the wand of Rimmel London’s new ScandalEyes mascara. Start rumours, make heads turn and if anyone asks… you did it!

Rimmel Scandaleyes Mascara
The product comes in a big neon orange tube, I've never seen anything like it. The wand is pretty gigantic! 
Rimmel Scandaleyes Mascara
Rimmel Scandaleyes Mascara
Rimmel Scandaleyes Mascara Swatch
To Sum it up:
I am always undecided about mascara. With the Rimmel Scandaleyes, it's excellent for holding up a curl for about 4-5 hours but it is very difficult to apply. The wand is very difficult to use because its so huge. I do end up getting smudges all over my lids as you can see in the photo. It didn't give me amazing thick lashes it does get clumpy since I end up with too much product on the brush.I do have to wipe off the excess product since it will smear all over my lids. It does give length without giving me extra long lashes, which I am not a fan of but this gives the right amount of length. 

- Holds a curl
- Volumizing
- Lengthening

- Difficult to apply
- Huge wand
- Messy application

Rating: 3.5/5

Price: Rs.850 Available at and all leading shopping 

For more information you can check out Rimmel London on Facebook.



[REVIEW] Color Studio Professional Blush in Havana

Wednesday, April 18, 2012 Sidrah!!!! 12 Comments

I've become such a fan of blushes lately. Before I never used blush but slowly I've become hooked on them and I've been trying to use them daily. I have always loved peachy tone blushes for a while but I've started to like different colors. I recently received the Color Studio Pro Blush in Havana, it has not been released yet so I was lucky to try this out! It's definitely a unique color for my collection.

Color Studio Professional Blush in Havana

Color Studio Professional Say:
  • Easy to blend with foundation for any skin tone
  • Long lasting Effects
  • For contouring
  • Light weight application
  • Aesthetic beauty care
Color Studio Professional Blush in Havana
I know I have to mention the packaging for this blush. At first glance I was expecting a flimsy plastic packaging since that's how it kinda looks. But it's really not. The product comes in a sturdy case, it closes tightly and it looks pretty chic! Did I mention the 13g worth of product? You get a ton of product, the product is the exact same size as a Beauty UK Blusher.
Color Studio Professional Blush in Havana
Havana is a deep rosey color blush with a tiny bit of shimmer, I don't notice traces of pink but more mauve tones. The powder is extremely soft and easily blends into the skin. The shimmer is not overpowering, it actually shows up as a matte finish. The pigmentation is amazing, you need the tiniest bit of product to apply on the cheeks. This would work really well for those with deeper skin tones.
Color Studio Professional Blush in Havana
Color Studio Professional Blush in Havana Swatch

To Sum it up:
I'm really impressed with this blush. I thought that this would be too dark for my skin but Havana has everything you are looking for in a blush. Its richly pigmented, its not powdery and it blends in easily. The shade is super pretty, if you like matte finish blushes than don't fear the sparkles in this blush. The shimmer barely shows up and the product has an almost powder to cream finish. The first time I applied this I dug my brush into the product and I ended up with too much product on my cheeks. You need the smallest amount of product to apply on your cheeks. I really like the natural looking finish of this product. I can't wait for you all to actually try these out! They will be releasing this weekend at a Color Studio Professional Kiosk near you.

- Smooth Texture
- Blends easily
- Pigmented
- Long wearing
- Study Packaging
- Ton of product
- Minimal shimmer


Rating: 5/5

Price: Rs.550

For more information you can check out Color Studio Professional on Facebook as well as their website.

Are you excited about these new Color Studio Pro Blushes as much as I am?


Color Studio Professional,

[TUTORIAL] Subtle Gold Smokey eye using Color Studio Professional

Monday, April 16, 2012 Sidrah!!!! 14 Comments

Hello everyone!
It’s been the longest time since I created a makeup tutorial. I wanted to use some new Color Studio Professional Eye Ink’s that I received recently to show you how you can create a look with them. I will be reviewing the eye shadows soon since I am testing these out. So far I really like them! 

The look I created is a peachy gold smokey eye. Gold Dust is more on the coral/peachy side instead of being a true gold. I paired it with Razzle Dazzle, a blackened green with bronze sparkles. I also used Gold Rush, a soft kohl eye liner from Color Studio on the lower lash line. I didn’t get any fallout since I kept tapping off the excess from my brush. I find that using a sponge tip applicator really packs on the color without having any fallout since these are on the powder side.
I first started off by packing on Gold Dust by Color Studio Professional all over the lid as well as the inner corner with a sponge tip applicator. 

This is what you should have.

Using a blending brush, take a small amount of Razzle Dazzle by Color Studio Professional and start applying this on the outer corner blending it into Gold Dust. Take your time with this step since Razzle Dazzle needs to be packed on a bit to get the best color payoff.

Using a matte cream color shade, apply this under the browbone. If you don’t have a matte eyeshadow similar to this one then use your face powder to blend out the edges.

Taking Color Studio Professional Soft Khol Eye Liner in Gold Dust, apply this on the lower lash line. This is such a creamy eye pencil so I used a tiny brush to apply this on the lower lash line.

Finally finish off your look with black eyeliner and mascara. I used Essence Gel liner in Midnight in Paris (reviewed here) and Rimmel Scandaleyes Mascara (review coming soon).
 Here is the finished look!

I hope you all liked this easy smokey eye look. I think the Gold eyeliner really stands out with brown eyes. What do you think?

You can check out Color Studio Professional on Facebook as well as their website for more information on their products.



[REVIEW] NYX Jumbo Lip Pencil in Hera

Thursday, April 12, 2012 Sidrah!!!! 10 Comments

I have really been diving into lip products lately. With summer I love wearing bright pink lips so I got the chance to try out some products from NYX lately and I picked out the NYX Jumbo Lip Pencil in Hera. The NYX Jumbo Lip pencils come in a variety of shades but the computer generated swatches are really not accurate! Hera looked like a softer pink but it works really well on my lips since they are naturally pigmented.
NYX Jumbo Lip Pencil in Hera
What NYX Says:
It’s double or nothing with this lip liner and lipstick in one. Our masterful Jumbo Lip Pencils infuse lips with alluring, nourishing color, and help you create a precision pout. That’s line, define and color with one jumbo pencil. Plus the mineral oil formula does not dry our your lips and it goes on smoothly. We likey. Available in 25 shades. The eminent Jumbo Lip Pencil is sealed in a recyclable eco-friendly case and is best paired with the NYX dual sharpener.
NYX Jumbo Lip Pencil in Hera
The NYX Jumbo Lip Pencil in Hera is a Fuchsia pink with purplish blue sparkles. It wears comfortably for about an hour then the sparkles really start to become irritating. I wore it on top of a lip liner and it started wearing off after about 2 hours. So this is definitely not a long wearing product. It wears similarly to a creamy lipstick so it becomes drying after prolong wear. Its not very moisturizing. Once it starts to wear off you will want to wipe off the product from your lips entirely. I do really like the color payoff. Its not too bright and its very wearable for daytime.
NYX Jumbo Lip Pencil in Hera
NYX Jumbo Lip Pencil in Hera Swatch
NYX Jumbo Lip Pencil in Hera Swatch
To Sum it up:
I'm really undecided about the formula. It applies really smoothly, its a hybrid of a lip color and lip liner which is great. It doesn't feather or bleed on my lips. It has a very creamy texture but the glitter is just too hard. Its such a gorgeous color and it does start to feel scratchy after an hour. With a darker color lip liner it adds a nice effect to the lips. Overall it is a great color but I would only wear this on a night out. For daytime I hate the residue it leaves behind, leaving your lips feeling really uncomfortable. I am sure it is just the chunky glitter so the other shades might be better to try out! If you love pinks this is the perfect subtle shade.

- Inexpensive
- Wide variety of shades
- Easy to apply
- Creamy Texture
- Perfect pink shade

- Not long wearing
- Glitters are uncomfortable 

Price: $3.60

Rating: 3/5

Availability: Blanc to Noir online webstore here