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I have always been hesitant wearing a nude lip color. I always fear that it'll wash out my appearance. Luscious Cosmetics always offer a shade selection that will suit olive skin tones. When we look at other companies to find our perfect nude sometimes we end up with a pale lip that isn't flattering. The 5 lipsticks from their Signature Collection that I will be reviewing are all neutral shades perfect for everyday wear, the colors are very subtle with good color payoff. The overall collection has 16 shades, majority are very neutral tones with pinks and warm rosy shades with one or two vibrant colors. These have a semi-matte finish that is not at all drying on the lips even after a couple of hours. With a lip liner you can assure these will last for more than 3 hours.

What Luscious Say:

Introducing Luscious Signature Lipstick collection.
A lightweight, yet velvety and rich color formula that provides long wear and hydration for hours. Formulated with extra pigment for crisp, vivid and stunning color results. Packaged in a stylish tube, it will glide on smoothly, and you will fall in love!
Enriched with Jojoba Oil
Available in 16 soft-matte and shimmer shades.

Contains no animal-derived ingredients
Alcohol Free

The lipsticks come in an all plastic case. The packaging has a swatch at the bottom of the lipstick which is very accurate to the product shade. The case is really sturdy, not flimsy at all.

  • 06 Creme Cocoa- Pink with a hint of Brown
  • 07 Moroccan Rose- Warm Rose Pink
  • 09 Pink Velvet- Warmish Pink Brown
  • 13 Coral Pink- Coral Pink
  • 15- French Rose- French Carnation Pink

Luscious Signature Lipsticks Swatches

06 Creme Cocoa is a light nude shade that has a pink undertone

07 Moroccan Rose is a warm rosy pink which is more on the nude beige side. This is one of those "your lips but better" shades.

09 Pink Velvet is a light rosy pink with a hint of gold shimmer. The shimmer is really subtle. Its more pink then 06 Creme Cocoa

13 Coral Pink is a nude beige. I don't really notice the pink as described, its more of a light beige. 

15 French Rose is a warm rosy pink shade. Its slightly toned down then 07 Moroccan Rose

To Sum it up:

The deepest shade out of these is  07 Moroccan Rose which is my favorite. All of these have a semi-matte finish that's very moisturizing. I love the formula of these because I prefer matte finish lipsticks but with these they don't make your lips look dry. The most nude shade out of these is  13 Coral Pink which isn't entirely coral as described. With a lipliner these wear comfortably for more than 3 hours. They are super creamy and easy to apply. I usually have a problem with lipsticks feathering on the outer corner of my lips, these didn't give any issue of application. These have a mild vanilla scent but its not over powering, its similar to the scent in their Lip Coutures. 

What I like and dislike about these are the shade selection. Its great that each lip color is suitable for medium to tan skin tones but I wish that the collection offered more vibrant colors since some of these have very subtle difference between them.

- Pigmented
- Smooth Application
- Semi-mattes formula
- Hydrating
- Packaging

- Limited range of shades

Rating: 5/5

Price: Rs.675 Available on their website

For more information you can check out Luscious Cosmetics on Facebook.

Are you a nude lipcolor fan? Which lipstick is your favorite? 

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  1. Wow all the shades are fave is 13!! Great review & swatches <3

  2. Very Pigmented shades :) Lovely

  3. i love pink velvet :)

  4. I love creme cocoa!! All the shades look really nice! Luscious' signature lipsticks are really awesome!

  5. They look very moisturizing. Great swatches as always <3 :)

  6. Nice pigmentation:)May be its just the lighting in the pics but all the shades look very similar to each other. Good job on the review:)

  7. @shahaj The shades are VERY similer! I mentioned it in my review. It was really difficult swatching these on my lips and getting them confused with one another. Check out the computer generated swatches on their website, the shades are super similar.

    I'm glad everyone liked my review! Thank you all.

  8. Nice review. Yes, I can see very little difference between each color. From top, they look almost the same. They should come up with more bright colors, as SPRING is coming up.

  9. can you tell me about the wear of these lipsticks as teh super moisturizing ones fade very quickly!

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. @Sadiasweet The lipsticks with a lip balm type of texture last less, these are more creamy in texture and they last just like an average lipstick, which is about 2-3 hours. If you want your lip color to be long wearing use a lip liner :)

  12. The packaging seems MYX inspred but im glad its more sturdier than theirs. the colors look a bit similar but i loooove all of them.

  13. yup my revoln lip butters last only one hour or so:(( which is bad since you have to reapply them again and again but these look so yummy:)

  14. great review and such amazing shades .. my fav would be shade 13 ... MA you are a lucky girl <3 :)

  15. the packaging really reminds me of MUA lipsticks! thankyou for the review.. lush shades of colour there!

  16. very nice an attractive color:)