Feb 1, 2012

Products and Tips to help grow your hair

Since the past year I made the commitment to grow my hair out. I've never liked having long hair before because it is a bit more difficult to manage and it takes some effort to take care of. My hair isn't extremely long but this is the longest its ever been for me and its exciting for me to see it grow. My hair grows really slow, I would say about 2 inches every 6 months. I've seen so many girls who have long hair but you can tell they don't take care of their locks. What's the point to having long hair when more than half is just nasty split ends? 

So I wanted to share some tips and products to keep your hair long and healthy if you are planning to grow it out and to avoid nasty split ends. Of course you don't have to use ALL of the mentioned products but I wanted to shed some light on some that I found to be very helpful to me. 

Products to help keep your hair long and healthy:

Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Olive oil is your best friend. Oil a necessity for keeping moisture locked in your hair. I usually apply oil at the ends and a little on my scalp at least once a week, I leave it on for about 4 hours or so. If your hair is really dry I would recommend to use it more then once a week depending on how often you wash your hair.

Tip: Use Coconut Oil in the summer since it works really well to seal in moisture. In the winters the weather is dry so it won't work well for your hair.

Herbal Essences Beautiful Ends Shampoo 
I love this shampoo! I always fear getting split ends and end up having to chop off my hair but this has helped in keeping my ends really healthy. It doesn't leave my hair that dry but for someone who has really dry hair I would recommend using their conditioner with this. I don't use conditioner since my hair gets extremely oily after a day. Ever since I stopped using conditioner my hair looks clean and less sticky even after the first day of washing it and I prefer to wash my hair every other day. If needed I use a tiny bit of the Sunsilk Smooth and Soft conditioner only at the ends. 

Dove Smooth and Soft Frizz Cream/ Leave In Replenishing Mist
Some days when I want to style my hair I use a frizz serum. These work really well and it only takes a small amount for all over the ends. I use either one of these after my hair is dry. What I love about Dove products is that they don't add so much moisture that your hair looks oily, it will help in keeping your hair detangled and soft throughout the day. I apply either one of these on the ends.

John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Shine Shock/Satin Shine
For a kick of shine I use the Shine Shock, its a serum formula so it works really well for after your straighten your hair. The Satin Shine is similar to the Dove Anti Frizz Cream, it leaves my hair soft and manageable throughout the day.

Papaya Volumizing Spray
My hair tends to be flat with long hair. One of the main reasons why I never liked growing my hair. This product really helps in giving a boost of volume on the scalp. I use this after washing my hair, after combing my hair I spritz this on my scalp and then I take a small clip and create a bump leaving it on until my hair dries. Once dried my crown area gets a ton of volume. It does harden if you spray too much.

Wide Tooth Comb
For me I need to comb my hair throughout the day if I've kept it all down. Tangles can result to damaging your hair. So comb your hair before and after you shower as well as before going to bed. If you comb your hair before you shower it'll make be easier to wash your hair and prevent any further tangles after you're done showering. 

Tip: With a wide tooth comb start combing your hair from the ends and work your way up.

So here is how long my hair is now, it might not be long for some but for me this is pretty long! Its been a huge commitment to keep it growing since I loved having short hair.

So I hope this post was helpful if you have long hair or are considering to grow it out. If you have any tips please share!

These products should be available in any major store in Pakistan.