We Have a Winner of my Luscious Lip Couture Giveaway!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012 Sidrah!!!! 8 Comments

Hey Everyone!

I know you all are waiting to find out who won my Luscious Lip Couture Giveaway. Thank you all for taking the time out to enter my giveaway.

So the winner was chosen through Random.org.

And the winner is..........


Silk Naturals,

[TUTORIAL] Majestic Makeup- Using Silk Naturals (mini-review)

Saturday, February 25, 2012 Sidrah!!!! 17 Comments

Hello Everyone!

Recently I was sent some loose eyeshadows from Silk Naturals so I wanted to do a makeup tutorial and a mini review on them. Silk Naturals offer a wide variety of mineral makeup. Their loose eyeshadows promise to be crease resistant and fade proof. They are very pigmented and give the best color payoff when applied wet. I like how they mention the exact shade and finish that they used for their eyeshadows in the description. Best of all they have swatches too! Which makes it so much easier to pick a color since I always end up looking for swatches for makeup products. They offer samples of all of their products so you can try out their selection at a small price.

Here is the look I came up with! Its a very easy smokey eye, a look that I love doing since its just takes some blending to accomplish. If you want to learn how to create this look keep reading!

Start off by applying your eyeshadow base. The first shade I used on my lid is Twister. Its described as a gorgeous satin pearl shade of teal.  It's lovely- a really nice compliment to Lunar. Its a gorgeous shimmer finish light blue. 
Silk Naturals Eyeshadow in Twister
I applied this with a damp flat shader brush. Note when you use eyeshadow wet to not use a soaking wet brush, it should be damp enough to make the eyeshadow in a paste.
Apply this on the center of the lid making sure to press the shadow onto the lid.

This is what you should have.

Next we are going to take the darkest shade, KingfisherKingfisher has a navy base, with aqua green highlights, and aqua glimmers.  Its sort of a duo chrome finish with blues and greens, its nothing like I have ever used before. It applies really smoothly and when used wet it still gives off a really nice glitter effect. 
Silk Naturals Eyeshadow in Kingfisher
Taking the same damp brush, apply this on the outer crease in a V shape. Blending it up into the crease. Make sure to pack on the color.

I wanted to darken up the crease a bit more. Taking a matte black on a fluffy blending brush and blend Kingfisher into Twister. I used the Sigma blending brush with Rimmel's Jet Black.

This is what you should have.

Taking Kingfisher on the same flat shader brush and apply it halfway on the lower lash line

For the inner corner we are going to take Vapor. Its a creamy blue highlight Vapor looks like a shimmery cream color in the jar but when you apply it, it has the prettiest hint of blue highlights. It has a pearlescent slightly sheer finish with just a hint of sparkle. It applies really sheer so it makes the perfect highlight shade.
Silk Naturals Eyeshadow in Vapor
Taking Vapor on a small blending brush, apply this in the inner corner and blending it down to the lashline. 

This is what you should have. I wanted the navy glitter of Kingfisher to come out a bit so I tapped on a bit of it on the outer corner with my finger.

Next taking a matte cream shade, blend out the harsh edges.

To make this.

Now taking a makeup wipe, clean up the edges creating a sharp outer edge.

Now just apply your favorite black eyeliner and mascara and you are done!

Here is what I came up with for the rest of my face. I wanted to keep the lips a bit neutral with a soft pink shade. The blush is a rosy shade and I used Vapor as a highlight on my cheekbones.

Skin: Liz Earle Sheer Skin Tint in Beige (Reviewed Here)
Concealer: Silk Naturals Cream Concealer in Shade 2 (Reviewed Here)
Blush: MUA in Shade No. 4
Contour: Motives Shape and Scuplt (Reviewed Here)
Cheek Highlight: Silk Naturals Loose Eyeshadow in Vapor
Lips: Rouge Bunny Rouge Scrumptiously Devious (Reviewed Here)

To Sum it up:
These shadows are a breeze to use. I didn't find any diffculity in applying them or getting a good color pay off. The pigmentation of these are really opaque. Vapor works really well as a cheekbone highlight since its a sheer highlight color. I didn't notice the blue undertone in Vapor which was mentioned in the product description. Since I always use a eyeshadow base I didn't notice it fading or creasing of any of these. The best way to use these is either with a cream shadow base or applied wet.

For more information check out Silk Naturals Website

So let me know what you think of the overall look and the products used from Silk Naturals! 


Eye Product,

[REVIEW] Silk Naturals Cream Concealer in Shade 1 and Shade 2

Friday, February 24, 2012 Sidrah!!!! 6 Comments

I rarely ever branch out when it comes to concealer's, there are only a handful that I have tried and if there is one product that works for me I just use it until it runs out. I've always used stick concealers since I think they give the best coverage and are so much easier to apply. The Silk Naturals Cream Concealers offer a good selection of concealers and correctors. The pigmentation of these give full coverage and have a smooth application. 

What Silk Naturals Say:

#1 is the lightest shade of Cream Concealer, with just a hint of peach tone.  It covers well, and is light and easy to blend.  Depending on your skin type you may need to set this with a little bit of powder, but usually just a dusting of powder foundation on top works well.

#2 is the second lightest shade of creamy concealer.   It covers well, and is light and easy to blend.  Depending on your skin type you may need to set this with a little bit of powder, but usually just a dusting of powder foundation on top works well.

I find the easiest way to apply concealer is when it comes in a stick tube. These are really handy for traveling. 

Shade 1 has more yellow undertone. Shade 2 has more of a light apricot undertone which worked best for my dark circles. Shade 1 works amazing for a highlight on my cheek bones. These have a really smooth consistency and blend in very easily. Since these are creamy they will crease, I find that setting the concealer with a powder will give you the most staying power and will last all day.
Silk Naturals Cream Concealer Swatch
Silk Naturals Cream Concealer Swatch
Silk Naturals Cream Concealer Swatch
To Sum it up:
The cream concealer comes in a variety of shades to counter balance your imperfections. I like how Shade 2 isn't a bright orange correcter, it brightens up my eye area while concealing my dark circles. I really like how natural the coverage is, it doesn't look cakey or too bright. I have been using this for a few weeks now and I haven't found any issues with it. With some concealers that I have tried they tend to build up into my fine lines, this one didn't. It gave an even coverage without enhancing the lines under my eyes. It easy to apply, especially on days when you are in a hurry. It blends flawlessly, you can use your fingers or a blending brush for an even application. This has been my go to concealer since its practically fool-proof!

- Opaque
- Creamy consistency
- Easy application
- Lasts all day with setting powder
- Wide variety of shade selection
- Inexpensive
- Doesn't build up into fine lines 


Rating: 5/5

Price: Full Size $5.50, Sample $0.99

For more information check out Silk Naturals Website


Eye Product,

[REVIEW] The Body Needs Eyeshadows

Monday, February 20, 2012 Sidrah!!!! 12 Comments

I've always had a fondness for loose eyeshadows. The pigmentation and finish of mineral shadows give superb color pay-off. For today's post I will be reviewing some loose eyeshadows from The Body Needs. What's neat about The Body Needs is that they have real MAC shadows and pigments. They constantly update their MAC products with the latest collections. Not only that but they have numerous shade selection for loose shadows, glitter pigments and lip products. Any eyeshadow shade that you are looking for, chance are they will have it.
The Shades I picked out are:
Blanc- Matte finish white
Matte Violet- Matte finish violet
Alt Gold- Frost finish light yellow gold with green reflex
Blackened Bronze- Shimmery blackened brown

I am always looking for matte shadows to pair up with shimmer ones. With most matte shadows they come off a bit chalky, these have a very smooth texture. I am in love with Blanc, its richly pigmented matte white which I have been looking for ages!

I wanted a dupe for Makeup Forever's #92 eyeshadow, which is a the most gorgeous matte violet shade and I think I found it with Matte Violet. It comes off looking a bit lighter than MUFE's #92 in the pot but I found that if I apply this wet it turns into a slightly deeper shade.

Alt Gold is the most unique shade I have ever seen. Its sad that my camera did not pick up on the gorgeous green reflex in this shadow. I noticed I didn't need to apply this wet to get the best pigmentation, it works amazing on its own!

Blackened Bronze is a part of the Blackened Collection which has the most gorgeous shades. I love deep dark colors so the collection is perfect for thoes who like to do intense smokey eyes. This came in a Crush Pot which is a pressed version of the loose shadow. Most of the same shadows come in both versions. Crush Pots are a bit easier for some to use.

The Body Needs Swatches
- Matte shades are easy to apply and blend
- Wide Selection of shades available
- Crush Pots are easy to work with
- Amazing color pay off
- Most shades come in pressed form


Rating: 5/5

Use the coupon code SP20 to receive 20% off all TBN brand cosmetics! 

For More information you can check out The Body Needs on their Website and their Facebook Page Here

What did you think of the shadows I picked? Have you tried The Body Needs before?


Face Product,

[REVIEW] Luscious Cosmetics Whitening Base SPF 35 -- New and Improved!

Friday, February 17, 2012 Sidrah!!!! 10 Comments

A product that promises to be an all-in-one solution is something I always look forward to trying. With the New and Improved Luscious Cosmetics Whitening Base for Oily Skin, it promises to be a high performance sunscreen, makeup primer, and an oil-free moisturizer all in one. By providing a smooth and even texture to your skin, this product helps to protect your skin from the sun while prepping it for makeup all while giving a bright appearance to your skin.
Luscious Says:

Save Your Skin!
Sun damage has become a big part of our lives due to pollution and the environment. No matter what your age is, you are at risk of sun damage (dark patches and uneven skin tone) every time you step out without a good sun block.

Here to the rescue is Luscious Whitening Base SPF 35.
All in One:
• Oil-free Moisturiser
• High performance Sun Protection
• Makeup Primer

The benefits: The list is endless. With continued use, you will see a visibly clearer and fairer complexion, as well as smoother skin texture.

So whats new and improved?
  • More product- 45ml compared to 30ml
  • Improved Packaging
  • A hydrating formula with the Normal/Dry version 
The prominent change of the new version is the packaging. Previously the Whitening Base came in a short tube, now the product comes in a thinner squeezeable tube with a tiny opening. It dispenses the perfect amount of product since you need the smallest bit to cover your entire face.

The product is a white creamy consistency, same as the previous version, which gives a sheer tint to your skin.  You only need a small amount of product to apply all over your skin. If you find that this leaves your skin looking too ghostly than you applied too much which was one of my first mistakes.
Luscious Cosmetics Whitening Base for Oily Skin
I blended out the product on the right side of my hand. 
Luscious Cosmetics Whitening Base for Oily Skin  Swatch
To Sum it up:
This worked pretty ok for me since its the winter season, I am not sure how this would perform under humidity and heat. It evened out my skin-tone and gave a bit of moisture. I find that this product has replaced my moisturizer before I start my makeup, since I have an oily T-zone even the lightest formula moisturizer makes my skin feel greasy. I wish that it mattified my skin, after a few hours of using this my t-zone did get oily which I would expect a primer to help control the oil and keep my foundation on all day. It does however leave my skin feeling softer, the added SPF 35 is a great benefit with the formula. This also works really well to slightly minimize my pores. 

I love how this product feels on my face, it doesn't leave any sort of cakey appearance but it really brightens up the skin. I normally use this with my Bare Minerals Foundation in Medium Beige for daytime coverage and after 2-3 few hours my t-zone starting getting oily. I have tried this for an evening look just to see how it would work as a primer, I didn't notice a huge difference compared to not using it. I find this to be perfect for an everyday SPF with a hint of coverage but if you have really oily skin then don't expect this to keep your skin oil-free throughout the day. If you have dry skin and the previous version left your skin looking flaky then the Normal/Dry Whitening Base will help to hydrate your skin.

- Smooth application
- Good amount of SPF
- Helps apply foundation evenly
- Not greasy
- Only need a tiny amount for full face 
- Brightens up skin

- Not long wearing

Rating: 4/5

Price: Rs.975 Available on their website

For more information you can check out Luscious Cosmetics on Facebook.



[TUTORIAL] Gunmetal Smokes-- Inspired by Emma Stone at 2012 Golden Globes

Tuesday, February 14, 2012 Sidrah!!!! 20 Comments

Hello Everyone!

About a week or so ago Hareem from iheartmexo requested for me to do a tutorial on the eye makeup that Emma Stone wore at this years Golden Globe Awards. I absolutely adore Emma, she is such a witty and versatile actress so I was thrilled to be requested this soft smokey look. Emma wore a very pretty grey smokey eye with a bit of black on the inner and outer corner. This technique really helps to bring out the eyes more since the lightest shade is in the middle of the lid. She is an ambassador of Revlon so most of the products she used were from the brand. 

This is my second attempt to create this look, the first time I shot this look I wasn't happy with how it turned out. Although I am no professional makeup artist I wanted it to be really similar to her look so I hope you all like what I created. I  recreated the look using some shimmery grey and gunmetal shades. Here is what I came up with:
Here is Emma's look:
Image taken from Google.com
The Products she used:

So lets get started shall we?

First start off with your favorite eyeshadow primer to even out your eyelid. I used Essence You Rock Eyeshadow Base. Now taking a creamy black eyeliner, something that is easily smudgeable. Start by creating a V-shape on the outer corner of your eye, this will help map out the cat eye shape.

Next we are going to take a small smudger brush and blend out the eyeliner. Make sure you don't over blend, just make sure the black eyeliner is smoothed out.

This is what you should have, make sure the outer V still has its shape. You can always clean up the edges to make it more sharp.

Next we are going to take a slate grey shade and apply it all of the lid leaving the inner and outer corner bare. The shade I used is from a Mabrook palette with a flat shader brush to really pack on the color.

Next we are going to take a gunmetal shade, this should be at least 1 or 2 shades darker then the grey on the lid. You can use the same brush for this, and apply it in the inner corner blending it up into the slate grey.

Taking an angled brush, I wanted to use the same slate grey shade, and blend out the gunmetal shade into the inner corner.

Taking a shimmery black on the same smudge brush that we used for the base, apply this on the outer corner on top of the black eyeliner. I didn't want to use a matte black because then it would be a bit too black so we want to keep the grey tones to be prominent. I used a CoverGirl eyeshadow in Shimmering Onyx. I didn't use a blending brush because I wanted to have a bit more control with the color, using a blending brush can move the color all over the lid and we don't want that. What makes Emma's look really pretty is the cat eye shape of the outer corner, it comes out in a V-shape. Also make sure to blend the slate grey and black smoothly. 

Taking the same black, use what is leftover on the brush and apply a little bit of it on the inner corner. Apply this on top of the gun metal shade.

This is what you should have by now, you can take a makeup wipe and clean up the fall out and then apply concealer. 

Time for blending! Take a matte cream color on a blending brush and apply this where your eyeshadow ends. Sweep the shadow all over the brow bone to blend out the harsh edges. I used a matte cream from the Catrice Duo in  070 Double Expresso Macchaito, Please! with Elf Studio Contour brush.

Also, apply the same slate grey eyeshadow on the lower lashline using a damp angled liner brush to really pack on the color. Take the same brush and apply a bit of black on the outer lashline  to connect the slate grey and black.

Next apply your favorite eyeliner, I used Avon's Glimmerstick in Blackest Black (read my review here) Make sure to not line your eyes very thick, Emma's eyeliner is really clean on the waterline as well as the top lashline. I also applied this on my tightline. For my mascara I used Avon Wash-Off Waterproof mascara in Black.
This is how your eyes should look now! The eyeliner isn't so noticeable but its there, which is exactly what we want!

Our final look!

I really love how this look turned out! I hope you all like it as much as I do. It's really similar to Emma Stone's look so I hope you all try this out and let me know!