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[REVIEW] Lashem Double Trouble Mascara

Thursday, December 01, 2011 Sidrah!!!! 8 Comments

What Lashem say:
Let your lashes do the taking with our infamous Double Trouble Mascara! Now you don’t have to choose—use the volume wand for a long and bold voluminous effect and use the length wand to expand your natural lashes. The lengthening fiber mascara helps extend to the tip of the lashes without clumping and doesn’t irritate your eyes. Extend those lashes for some double trouble fun!

  • Define and smooth lashes for an even application without clumps. 
  • Flexible cotton fibers wrap around each lash like a tube to help thicken and curl lashes.
  • Build length for an instant lash extension effect.
  • Nourish and hydrate for longer, thicker, voluptuous lashes. 
  • Volume fiber enhance lash growth for a bolder look. 
  • Formula is easily removed, which is great to use on sensitive and fragile lashes. 

For best results, apply the volumizing black mascara first, and then finish with the lengthening fiber black mascara for those Double Trouble lashes.

The mascara comes in a silver metallic 2 in 1 double ended tube. The wands are very different from one another, the volumizing wand is really flexible while the lengthening wand is more stiff. Both of the formulas are really weightless but I find that the lengthening formula is a little bit more wet compared to the volumizing.

I really like the wand as well as the formula for the lengthening part of the mascara, it is a bit more wet and builds up really easily. Best of all it does not clump and dries in a few minutes.

I am not a fan of flexible wands, they are a bit flimsy and its hard to really get into the root of your lashes with such wands.  The volumizing formula is dry, initually it felt like I wasn't applying anything in my lashes. I don't notice a big difference in my lashes with the volumizing formula. 
My lashes are really stubborn and stick straight down, they are hard to curl and with most formula's my curl ends up falling when I do apply mascara. So for this mascara I had to curl my lashes because without doing so you won't be able to tell how the formula worked for me.
After curling my lashes I applied 2 coats of Volumizing  followed by 3 coats of Lengthening. 
To Sum it up:
I have never tried a 2 in 1 mascara before, with using this mascara I don't notice a huge difference between this and regular one step mascara's. Everyone loves having fuller lashes and I always expect a mascara to curl my lashes along with giving volume and length. When I did apply the mascara without curling them they didn't look different at all. I find that the lengthening formula works great but the volumizing formula doesn't give me much volume even after apply few layers. I do like how how my lashes feel even hours after wearing the mascara, they don't get sticky or bother my eyes.

- No fragrance
- No clumping even after 3 or 4 coats
- Feel weightless after drying
- Doesn't irritate sensitive eyes
- Wearable for more than 5 hours without irritating eyes

- Doesn't volumize 
- Not waterproof

Rating: 3/5

LASHEM Double Trouble Mascara is priced at $19.99 they are available online and can be purchased here. You can find LASHEM on Twitter and Facebook

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  1. Two coats of volume worked for me. And yes, you need to curl your lashes before applying it. The wands are great! Nice review <3

  2. @Sara My lashes are really thin, this would work great for my mom since her lashes don't get weighed down with mascara.

  3. Really nice packaging. Not sure I would buy this, but it looks really interesting!

    - Allie x

    Allie UK Blog

  4. Nice ! I would love to try them.
    Follow each other blog .

  5. deffo need to curl the lashes before really nice and honest review :)

  6. Thanks for sharing such an amazing review :)