Nov 16, 2011

I won a piCture pOlish Giveaway!

Hello Everyone!
I am so excited to share with you all the prize I won for a piCture pOlish giveaway at Jeeya's Beauty & Fashion Blog!
So I was given the chance to select 3 polishes. I really wanted to pick out the most unique polishes so here's what I decided on!

Heavy Metal- A super glittery dark grey. This polish is just as loud as the music genre. I HAD to pick this polish only because of the name, I love metal music and this polish is just as awesome.
Aphrodisiac- A dark blue tone purple. I was so disappointed when I swatched this polish, the sparkles don't show up.

Metallic Muse- A subtle yellow gold metallic finish shade. I  love this polish! Its super pretty and feminine! 
I ended up paying 610Rs for duties on these, which takes the fun out of winning a giveaway. 
Stay tuned for some amazing manicures using these bad boys!