Sep 6, 2011

Jewelry Show and Tell

Hey Everyone!

I hope everyone’s Eid went amazing! I know I had a lot of fun, wearing pretty new cloths and of course accessories! I wanted to share with you all some jewelry that I purchased for Eid along with some of my favs in my collection.

I am really into big chunky earrings, they either have to be big or long and skinny. Big hoop earrings just aren’t appealing to me. So here are some pieces 

This pair I purchased at the KDA market for 120 Rs. Its so urban, this has to be my fav. I wore this during the afternoon because I normally like wearing some sparkly at night which I will further show.

This pair I purchased at the KDA market for 140 Rs approximately, this is very glitzy so it’ll great for late night functions.

This pair I purchased at Millenium mall for about 60-70Rs. I really love turquoise and paired with the bronze metal it just such a pretty piece!

I also purchased at Millenium mall for about 60-70Rs. This is just a very nice piece to wear to lunch.

This pair I purchased at KDA market for about 150 Rs. This is my perfect to wear at a wedding. It also came in a yellow gold but the silver looked alot better and its more versatile with different outfits.

Sorry for the unfocused image! But I could not get my lens to focus on this pair. Its by far the most cutest pair, I got this for about 50Rs at KDA market. You dont wear this like a normal earring, its wore as if you have 3 piercings. This also came in gold.

I bought this at KDA market for about 110 Rs. It came in a couple of different colors, such as bronze and a multi-shade with pinks and blues.

I LOVE THIS BRACELET! This beauty I got for a steal at KDA market for 100 Rs. I had to haggle the guy to lower the price. Its just one of those statement pieces that I would wear without any rings. 

Now I am not a huge necklace fan, but i wanted to mention this piece that my mom bought for me. She doesn't remember the price, but its basically a magnetic necklace which fits very nicely on the neckline, it goes with any dark color dress.

So what do you guys think of my selection of jewelry? I didn't mention any rings because I have a HUGE collection and I couldn't decide what to put and even where I bought them. If you request I can do a post on my ring collection. Feedback is MUCH appreciated!