#Sparkistan Celebrating Pakistan's Unsung Heros

When a company takes the initiative to create powerful and moving campaign to spotlight some of our country's most talented and hard-working individuals, it just goes to show how much we can do with our time to make the most valuable and life changing efforts. This is exactly what Atlas Battery's Sparkistan campaign has done.
Atlas battery took the initiative to spotlight the story of 15 unsung heroes. These individuals shared their story and their struggle to achieve a goal to better Pakistan as a nation. Each hero had a unique and positively uplifting story to share.
Syed Fahad Ali from Karachi took education into his own hands and built the Aghaz School. The school offers free education to every child who simply can not afford it. He made the best of circumstances and brought education to children along with school supplies. While growing up, Fahad had to endure the struggles of studying in a government school and vowed to take matters into his own hands when he gets older. He did just that. 

Zymal Umer is Pakistan’s Youngest Social Entrepreneur. At 9 years old she founded the social project dubbed Zee Bags. Seeing trash, pollution and waste all around her city of Sargodha, she created reusable bags using old recycled newspapers and sells for a mere 70PKR. With the funds she donates and helps underprivileged orphan children. She sparks creativity while helping thoes in need. 

Master Ayub from Islamabad is an educator, philanthropist and civil servant. After a full day of work and on the weekends his spends quality time teaching underprivileged students. As of now he educates over 200 students who are enrolled in his school. What started with just 4 children in Islamabad grew exponentially. He is an inspiration to everyone who can spark change in children's lives. 
Champa is a courageous woman who knew that there was a harmful to burn ash while cooking food. In villages, using an open flame emits harmful smoke that causes illnesses. When she was residing in Mirpur Khas, she was trained to create earthenware eco friendly stoves. As she moved back to her village, she handmade 20,000 stoves for fellow villagers to protect them from harmful smoke. These stoves have made it safer to cook and can withstand any flood. She teaches women how to create these stoves using bricks, clay and sawdust. She brings a spark to help others and bring change to her community. 

For more inspirational stories of the remaining unsung heros, check our the Sparkistan campaign by Atlas Batter on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube


Luxurious Pampering at Mona J Spa & Salon!

I don't know about you guys but I hardly ever take time out from my busy schedule for a little pampering. After visiting Mona J Spa & Salon and meeting with her during the Atiqa Odho Cosmetics event, we were given a voucher to avail a free service. Since the 30th was my birthday I decided to take the day off and spend it at Mona J for a Facial Cleansing and a Pedicure.
 Mona J Spa & Salon Review Karachi Blog

As soon as I entered for my appointment, the lovely and gracious Mona J was there to greet. I love that she's very involved with her salon and remembered that I was at the Atiqa Odho event. The ambiance of the entire spa was very warm and relaxing. I love that even though there were a few photo shoots going on, the demeanor of the salon was calm and not at all hectic.  Mona J Spa & Salon Review Karachi Blog Mona J Spa & Salon Review Loreal Pro Fiber Karachi Blog


Situated in a small yet cozy room, the pedicure was done with a few essential products. From filing to scrubbing to a mask and a warm foot bath. My feet felt renewed after my toes were painted with Essie's Wife Goes On. The mood lighting of the room is my favorite and also the light music because who doesn't love to feel completely relaxed during a pedicure?  Mona J Spa & Salon Review Karachi Blog
 Mona J Spa & Salon Review Karachi Blog Mona J Spa & Salon Review Karachi Blog Mona J Spa & Salon Review Karachi Blog

Facial Cleansing
With the same ambiance at the pedicure room, the dim lighting and the airy music was very rejuvenating. The room was kept at a cool temperature. The facial started with a basic cleansing, scrub, mask and blackhead extraction (the toughest part). Every product that was used felt very luxurious on the skin, the scrub smelled like fresh mangos! and the mask has a fresh minty feeling on the skin. My skin felt and looked absolutely fresh and rejuvenated.
Mona J Spa & Salon Review Karachi Blog
Mona J Spa & Salon Review Karachi Blog

Overall I had a very relaxing time at Mona J, especially for my birthday it felt like the perfect way to start my weekend. I highly recommend the salon if you're looking for a quick pick me up!

For those interested the Facial Cleansing is priced at 2,000RS and a Pedicure is for 1800RS. Visit Mona J Spa & Salon on Facebook to schedule your appointment.


Anoushey Ashraf and Rizwan Ali unveil The Collection at Debenhams

If you're a fan of Anoushey Ashraf and Rizwan Ali, then you're in luck! The duo unveiled The Collection exclusively at Debenhams. Both selected a few pieces to put together and showcase at Debenhams. I personally adore her style, she's always casual yet very chic so her picks were definitely reminiscent to what she would wear on a day out.
Anoushey Ashraf and Rizwan Ali unveil The Collection at Debenhams

Anoushey Ashraf and Rizwan Ali unveil The Collection at Debenhams

Anoushey Ashraf unveil The Collection at Debenhams

Anoushey Ashraf unveil The Collection at Debenhams
Anoushey said her favorite outfit was the black pants with the stripped top. I loved how each piece was simple yet was accessorized with handbags.

The Collection at Debenhams

For more information visit Debenhems at Dolmen Mall Clifton!


Empowering Women Campaign with BeautyBar!

8th March is celebrated as Women’s day across the globe to pay homage to womanhood. This month, BeautyBar joins the world to celebrate women who are not only strong and ambitious, but who also dare to dream big. We start our celebration by introducing the women who have worked hard to bring us new and innovative products and celebrate beauty like no other. These women entrepreneurs are turning heads by redefining the meaning of Beauty and its standards.
Willa Hafeez – the founder of BeautyBar. Her experiences led her to the realization that women in Pakistan want quality beauty products but they have limited access to them. This mere realization led to the building up of a network that provides easy access to beauty products across the country. “At BeautyBar, we believe every woman should pursue her dreams with confidence. When we look beautiful, we feel confident.”
Running BeautyBar for over a year, Willa realized the lack of coordination and support amongst women. This March, she decided to take the initiative and bring women on board who not only took steps to turn their dreams into reality and redefined the beauty industry of Pakistan by helping women around the country look and feel beautiful.
BeautyBar sent over a few goodies to showcase the brands that are owned by women. This initiative is absolutely inspiring as we need to promote more women owned businesses!
The box is created by The Gift Fairy, the packaging partner for the Women Empowerment Campaign. The Gift Fairy is a beautiful initiative by Abeera Iqbal. Its said that creativity knows no bounds and it holds true at The Gift Fairy where you find the most creative and artistic pieces of art. They specialize in making special moments memorable by adding a touch of personalization with their handmade gift boxes, favor boxes, giveaways, wrappings and d├ęcor.
Serene Organics is an initiative by two LUMS graduates who seek to provide the market with- crucially needed- pure and natural oils. Serene’s oils are extracted directly from nature and retain their natural properties, bringing zero side-effects. In today’s unnatural world; Serene aims to encourage and promote a healthier lifestyle that is closer to nature in every way. It facilitates healthier and natural way of living for both men and women.

Founders Fatima & Shahama are a strong advocates of serving the community. Not limiting itself to serving the beauty sector only, it goes one step further and helps the poor oil producers by making them shareholders of their enterprise, thus improving their financial status. It also employs women, who are struggling financially by involving them in the production of Serene’s eco-friendly jute packaging. 

Luscious Cosmetics needs no introduction. It has become a brand that is widely recognized across the country and is also the first local brand to sign a contract with Sephora. Founded in 2007 by Mehrbano Sethi, who is a through and through makeup buff. Luscious Cosmetics has attained loyal following among celebrities, makeup artists and beauty addicts alike. It is the first local brand that proved to be a game changer in Pakistan’s beauty industry and changed the perception of people about makeup.

“At Luscious Cosmetics, we take the business of beauty very seriously. The company was founded with the purpose of creating high quality cosmetics with an affordable price tag, but without ever compromising on ingredients and ethics.” Each product is developed with a lot of hard work and passion to be as user friendly as possible and with professional grade results at an affordable price tag. The mantra is quite simple: Celebrate your Beauty!

Being a pioneer in Pakistan to use ingredients that are natural, organic (where possible) and wild crafted, Conatural is leading the organic beauty industry in Pakistan. CEO Myra Qureshi is committed to providing the highest quality organic solutions for luxurious and affordable skin care. Their mission is to change the way women and men buy skin and hair care products. They want to help and eliminate the exposure to toxic chemicals in cosmetics. The result? Healthy, nourished and enriched skin.  The affordable price tag and amazing product quality that delivers has resulted in Conatural being a brand recognized across the country. It’s a brand which is not only used by celebrities but also people belonging to all classes.

I love this initiate by BeautyBar, for more information check out their website, Facebook and Instagram.


Tour around LUSH at The Dubai Mall!

Late last year I visited Dubai for the first time with my bestie Nida from Highlife Shenanigans. With all the places I visited in Dubai, the Lush Tour at the Dubai Mall was absolutely amazing. The shop offers the tour to anyone interested in checking out the entire store. Being completely new to Lush Cosmetics it was a great opportunity to learn about the brand and test a few products along the way. Now I'm not so much into organic skincare to be honest especially since the products tend to expire faster and are most costly than any other brand. 

The tour gives you an entire look at Lush from start to finish. Here's a look at some products in their range! 

Anyone can visit LUSH and ask for the Happy Hour Tour! Currently it's for 89Dhr, for more information check out LUSH Middle East online. 


Atiqa Odho Cosmetics Bloggers Meetup!

This past week a few of us bloggers were invited for a special Atiqa Odho Cosmetics meet up for International Women's day at Mona J Spa and Salon. With Atiqa Odho gracing her presence at the meet up, I absolutely loved how warm and informative she was about her brand. Honestly I wasn't expecting her to host the event so graciously as I've always seen brand ambassadors host events for brands. 
Here are some items we received in our goody bag!
Odho Cosmetics Lipstick in Precious
Odho Cosmetics Eyeshadows in Aquamarine (loose) Glacier (pressed)
Odho Cosmetics Powders in Walnut (Contour) Almond (Glow) Nightingale (Blush)
Atiqa allowed us to demo all of her products and ask any questions we might've had. Her products are all ISO certified with her own unique colors and finishes for each product. She gave us a lot of insight to her range and how she came about naming her products. It was a lovely time spent with her and Mona J as she demoed 2 makeup looks using all Odho Cosmetics. 
She also shed light on the fact that Atiqa Odho Cosmetics have been specifically designed for the Asian skin tone; which is why, all the shades whether those of her lipsticks, eye shadows, face powders or blush-on complement the Pakistani women of every age. 

Atiqa Odho Cosmetics is the first and only ISO Certified Celebrity Cosmetic brand of Pakistan at par with the global brands like of Tyra Banks, Jessica Alba, Drew Barymore, Eva Mendes and Kat Von D. From high-performance lipsticks, eye shadows, blush-on, face powders, contouring kits, blush kits, to a professional range of brushes and manicure & pedicure sets, Atiqa Odho Cosmetics has it all when it comes to makeup.
For more information visit Odho cosmetics on FacebookTwitter and Instagram


[SWATCH] Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick

Liquid lipsticks have been all the rage in the recent years, with every brand releasing their own type. Whenever I fall in love with a lip product, I end up getting a wide range of colors from the range (i.e. my obsession with Wet N’ Wild Megalast lipsticks). When I first tried out BauHau5 from the Kat Von D's Everlasting Liquid Lipstick range, I fell in love! I end up purchasing a few more and then received a couple of minis free with my order from KatVonDBeauty.com.

…and let me tell you that these are so my favorite! I've been on a gotta catch em' all kinda obsession lately.
Each Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick comes in a slim, black box. The body of the box has a rose design while the word “EVERLASTING LIQUID LIPSTICK” is printed in silver foil letters and stamped on the box. The name and colour of the lipstick shade are printed on a sticker-like material and pasted at the end of the box.

The formula for all of these are consistent throughout, usually some darker colors tend to look patchy but all of these have a beautiful consistency. The texture is liquidy and not at all moussey, and they dry very matte but without any cracks on the lips. They feel so lightweight on the lips and they will fade after eating anything oily, otherwise these stay put for hours! I love wearing Double Dare to the office and it stays on comfortably past lunch. The only one that I have to layer on is BauHau5, even in the swatch you can see some patchiness but it's not at all prominent on the lips.

Overall these are some of my go-to liquid lipsticks when I don't want to fuss with a bold lip color. I ended up getting the mini's as a gift with purchase when I ordered from the website directly. The full size are $20 each but the minis will last you a while!

Sunsilk Wedding Diaries!

We all know how important the wedding season is to us, whether it's a family member or a close friend. So when it comes to hair, who honestly has a hard time figuring our a hairstyle? 

Sunsilk has introduced its signature wedding hair trends for the season. As Pakistanis, our cultural wedding festivities span over a week or two with multiple events occurring back and forth. It gets stressful for young girls to ensure that they don’t look the same at every function. The versatility comes about from their dresses and the way they make their hair.

In a 60 second commercial directed by Farooq Mannan, Sunsilk projects the complete wedding look by guiding girls on how to be flexible with their hair using Sunsilk’s pink variant shampoo, thick and long. Thick and long hair can allow you to play with your hair anyway that you want promising less damage and healthy hair that look beautiful tied or let loose. 

Can we talk about the beautiful dresses in the ad? The model Hania Amir was styled by Yelli and the three glamorous dresses were designed by Sania Maskatiya for Mayun and Mehndi and Nomi Ansari for the Shaadi. The melodious song being sung in the background was by Rachel Viccaji. 
I've been a fan of Sunilk's range of shampoos and there's no doubt the wedding season is going to be a game-changer for our hair styles. Taking Point PR sent over a few goodies, I already know that Sunsilk shampoos are great especially during the drier weather seasons. If you've tried the new Lusciously Thick and Long shampoo and conditioner, it's worth checking out during the wedding season.