Oct 31, 2016

Breast Cancer is Treatable, but Early Detection is Key [Chughtai Lab Karachi]

Monday, October 31, 2016

Chughtai Lab’s consultant pathologist says that young women should create an early breast cancer detection plan because that’s the key to treatment and ultimately, to saving lives.

In honor of October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Chughtai Lab has embarked on a month-long nation-wide campaign, termed #ThinkPink with Chughtai Lab, to bring awareness and education to the nation’s women and men. After a series of events in Lahore and Islamabad, Chughtai Lab held an event at its flagship lab at Shaheed-e-Millat Road, Karachi to spread awareness of this disease and the benefits of early detection. “If you’re above 20 years, you need to examine yourself monthly”, according to Dr. Sehba Arij, Consultant Pathologist at Chughtai Lab. She elaborated on the myths surrounding breast cancer as well as the symptoms and signs to watch out for.

Muniba Mazari, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility at Chughtai Lab, also spoke at the event and implored young women to take their health seriously and opt for self-examination on a regular basis. She opined “Breast cancer is a topic that is hardly talked about by either men or women. It is because of this societal taboo that many women keep on suffering for a long period of time until the cancer reaches a stage where it becomes harder to treat than it would initially have been.” She implored young women not only to learn to self-examine, but teach other women to do so as well.

Speaking about the #ThinkPink campaign, she commented, "It isn't just about combatting the disease but also breaking the taboo of talking about diseases and ailments of all kinds. The more we talk about these things, the easier they will be to treat."

Dr. Omar Chughtai, Lab Director of Chughtai Lab said that with the opening of a lab facility in Karachi, he hopes they can bring quality and convenient testing services to the metropolis. Some of the conveniences he mentioned included Chughtai Lab’s free home sample collection service, online and emailed lab reports, SMS alerts and the custom Chughtai Lab mobile app. “Come visit or call us, we are always looking for ways to serve you better”, he said.

Chughtai Lab is one of the leading pathology labs in Pakistan that has been serving the nation since 1983. Chughtai Lab has made promising progress in the field of diagnostic testing and has a vast network of 150+ locations nationwide, functioning in all provinces of Pakistan. Under its social arm, Chughtai Foundation conducts free medical camps and public awareness campaigns in a bid to bring free health education to the nation.

Apr 21, 2016

Artsy.Pk Natural Living Exhibition

Thursday, April 21, 2016
If you're all about organic and natural skincare, Artsy.pk is the place for natural handmade products created by local artisans and businesses. With so many Facebook pages popping up with organic brands, it's hard to find them especially if you're searching through Google. Artsy.pk have created a wonderful platform for Artisans and Artists to showcase and sell their work online.

With the launch of Artsy.pk, they've made it easier for homemade businesses to come together. To give their customers a look at local talent and bring their creations to a wider audience, they are showcasing the ‘Artsy Natural Living Exhibition’ taking place from 15th – 25th April. The exhibit will feature some truly delectable, all-natural products including scrubs, soaps, and essential oils with a 
flat 10% discount on most of the products in the category along with free delivery all over Pakistan.

The team was ever-so gracious to send me a box of googies to try out and review for you all. From scrubs to shampoos, here's a look at what you can find on the site.

Keep in mind these are sample sizes, prices mentioned are for full sizes with jars.
Berry Blast - Premium Salt Scrub 
I'm all about using a body scrub on a daily basis! Especially with the dirt and sweat build up, a scrub gets my skin so squeeky clean. If you LOVE fruity/berry scents, this stuff is amazing. It's nothing like I've ever used scent wise, it really leaves a beautiful aroma after you're done showering. The salt is abrasive enough to cleanse off dead skin. It made my skin feel really smooth. 
Price: Rs.540 (Rs.600)

Organic Secrets - Sea Whisper Shampoo
I've never used a sea salt shampoo before but this is something I will look into for deep cleansing my hair. Since my hair tends to be on the oily side, the sea salt helps to cleanse the roots and from any leftover hair-styling product.
Price: Rs.720 (Rs.800)
Purchase Link

Rose Bath Crystals
If you love rose scented bath products, this has a very fresh scent. The fine crystals have the same texture as salt but is best used to relieve any stress during a bath, salt is known to relieve any muscle aches and pains. 
Price: Rs.585 (Rs.650)
Purchase Link

Chocolate Lip Scrub

I love homemade lip scrubs! This chocolate scrub is definitely something I'll use everyday. The sugar grains seem to be mix with cocoa to give that chocolate flavor. It did a wonderful job of exfoliating my lips and leaving them very smooth and soft. Definitely recommend this! 
Price: Rs.225 (Rs.250)
Purchase Link
Meetha Sarson (Sweet Mustard Oil)
The meetha sarson is ideal for using on frizzy hair, I prefer using hair oils at just the ends of my hair to tame any frizz. This is ideal for thoes looking for luscious and healthy hair, you can never go wrong with organic oil!
Price: Rs.360 (Rs.400)
Pure Desi Coconut Cream
The coconut cream is definitly my favorite! It smells very similar to Vaseline's Cocoa Butter Petromleum but it absorbs into the skin easily. It has a very thin texture but it does hydrate the skin, I love using this on my cuticles during the day. 
Price: Rs.450 (Rs.800)
Purchase Link

Pure Desi Special Ubtan
I love using ubtan masks for a quick pick-me-up when my face is looking a bit dull. This ubtan is very finely-milled so it mixes easily with Rose Water or Yoghurt depending on your skin type.  
Price: Rs.720 (Rs.800)

Purchase Link
100% Rosehip Oil
I've been wanting to use Rosehip oil for ages! This is such an effective oil for skincare and anti-aging. This beauty oil is very lightweight and is easily absorbed into the skin without a greasy residue. You only need to use the smallest amount before going to bed for best results. This sample size will be launched in June exclusively for Artsy.pk for Karachi.
Price: Rs.1250
Purchase Link
If you'd love to try out any products from Artsy.Pk, they've given me a special discount of 10% off that runs from 15th - 30th April 2016. The code is: SIDRAHBEAUTY

For more information visit Artsy.pk, Facebook, Instagram & Twitter. To check out the Natural Living Exhibition click here

Apr 3, 2016

[REVIEW] Anti-Aging Skincare with Du'Vi Stockholm

Sunday, April 03, 2016
In the past few months I've noticed so many girls getting into good quality skincare, since we end up wearing so much makeup on a daily basis it's good to keep your skin clean and free from build up. With the arrival of Du'Vi Stockholm in Pakistan, the Natural Skin Care Brand of Sweden, it's the perfect time to start your new skincare routine!
Du’Vi Stockholm is passionate about developing skin care products with a unique combination of natural and organic ingredients from different parts of the world to give your skin a treatment it truly deserves.

“Transform and nourish your skin with Du’Vi Stockholm”

Each of our product features a combination of active ingredients, with tested results, that caters to specific skin concerns.We follow a holistic and broad approach to solve skin care concerns. Our team thoroughly analyses all aspects of skin care concerns and the external factors that can affect your skin.

Forever Young Night Cream
Forever Young Night Cream is using the best of nature for an intensive action. Enriched with Alaria Esculenta Seaweed extract, this active ingredient is renowned for minimising fine lines and wrinkles, while preserving skin suppleness and elasticity. 
The heart of this formula is a powerful combination of last generation natural active ingredients, they prevent collagen and elastin from degradation, while protecting your skin during the entire period of sleep. Hypoallergenic fragrance.
Price: ₨2,550.00


Forever Young Face Scrub
Thanks to its Fair Trade, Organic and Natural active ingredients, Forever Young Face Scrub exfoliates dead cells to reveal the healthy new ones. 

Enriched with organic fair trade marula oil. This oil is known for minimising the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while nourishing and improving skin elasticity, leaving you with a youthful and radiant glow.
Price: ₨1,500.00
Skincare is definitely something we all tend to neglect. The 2 products that I've been trying out from Du'Vi Stockholm target aging skin, in particularly fine lines and dehydrated skin. I can say both products have an amazing way of making my skin feel so refreshed and not at all dried out. I've been testing them out for the past month and a half so I really put them to good use

The Forever Young Face Scrub is not at all like your typical facial scrub, it's not abrasive like the St.Ives scrubs. It's gentle and more like a cream cleanser that does not dry out your skin after use. Since my skin is prone to breakouts whenever I use a hydrating cleanser, this didn't cause any clogged pores or any breakouts. The creamy texture doesn't exfoliate your skin but gently cleanses it, it does contain small particles but doesn't exfoliate the skin enough for a deep clean. If you're looking for something that will gently cleanse on a daily basis this is great for you but for girls with really oily skin this might not give you the best 'squeaky' clean feeling. Since my skin has been leaning towards normal in the past year with a little oil on my nose, this works really well to cleanse off any dirt and makeup at the end of the day.

The Forever Young Night Cream is such a wonderful hydrating cream to use overnight. If you love waking up to smooth skin and don't have any issues with oil build up, this will really improve the texture of your skin. This cream is very emollient, the smallest amount goes a LONG way. You need only 1/8th of a pump to hydrate your entire face, eye area and down your neck. It keeps the skin feeling moisturized throughout the night instead of drying up completely after you wake up. I generally avoid applying this on my nose since I get more oil build up, but around my checks and forehead I felt the biggest difference. On days when I use a clay mask, I apply this at night to really nourish any dry patches. For the price and amount that you're getting, this will last you more than a year!

Overall, this brand is worth checking out if you love natural skincare that won't cause any irritation. I have the Vitamin Toner on my wishlist at the moment. 

Until April 3rd, if you order from Duvistockholm.com.pk you can get free shipping along with a free facial towel! It's worth mentioning that the towel is very soft and gentle on the skin.

Purchase Online: Duvistockholm.com.pk, Daraz.pk
Available in Store: Pot Pourri DHA Lahore


Mar 4, 2016

[REVIEW] Stageline Professional X-FIX Lips

Friday, March 04, 2016
The liquid lipstick craze has taken over the makeup world, every brand nowadays whether its high-end or drugstore are releasing their own version of the liquid to matte formula. Stageline Professional is no exception, these recently launched in the market with a total of 6 shades. These are available at Just4Girls.pk if you are interested in purchasing them online. 
Introducing new longer stay lipstick range with matt finish, "X-Fix Lips" which fixates on your lips for upto 12+ hours without letting its actual color fade away.

  • Shade 03 - Cherry - Medium Pink
  • Shade 05 - Chesnut - True Brown

I had to swatch these on my lips with a lip balm (my lips look like the Sahara Desert otherwise), my lips generally have a lot of fine lines that becomes more prominent with liquid matte lipsticks. You can notice on my hand swatch that the thin formula sinks into every little texture on the skin so that doesn't translate well on my lips. The way I wear these comfortably is by layering it on top of a creamy lipstick just so there is a barrier between my lips and the liquid formula. 

03 Cherry is a beautiful medium pink, it swatches really bold on my hand but when mixed with a lip balm it does look a little lighter. It's a classic pink that everyone should have. 
05 Chesnut is a true brown with a peachy tone, this is LOVE. I hate nudes that wash out my complexion so this is ideal for ladies with medium to deep skintones. Its that perfect brown without any rose tone. 
These remind me so much of the ColourPop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick formula, it's thin watery consistency dries very quickly. The formula is VERY opaque, I just needed one swipe to achieve full on color, it applies evenly and really beautifully. The flat wand allows you to define your lip line easily. The formula does dry down and sinks into fine lines on the lips, with the flat matte texture I did need to wear it with a lip balm just to make my lips look nice.

These have a fantastic wear time. Even when applied over lipstick it doesn't budge or flake off. I do recommend exfoliating your lips and using a lip balm if you have textured lips like mine. I've worn these out to dinner and it barely broke down with eating and drinking. Both shades do slightly stain the lips. 

Overall I absolutely love these to wear on top of lipsticks to make it last all day. I will definitely be picking up another shade from the range. 

Price: Rs. 995

Find out more about Stageline Professional on Facebook.

Mar 2, 2016

Jordana Cosmetics Haul + Swatches

Wednesday, March 02, 2016
When a really affordable brand launches in Pakistan, you have to try out most of the top rated products. The first product that I ever tried from Jordana was the Best Lash Extreme Mascara (the cult favorite) and I absolutely love it! When I placed this order the mascara was out of stock but I definitely need to get my hands on it again. I ended up hauling a few of their 12hr Made To Last Eyeshadow Pencils and a Blush in Blushing Rose.
12hr Made To Last Eyeshadow Pencils
I've tried the eyeliner version of this long-lasting formula and I loved it! Very smooth and creamy and dries to a budge-proof formula! The Eyeshadow Pencils come in 8 shades and are very similar to the Milani ones but so much cheaper! Milani and Jordana are made from the same factory in the states so the formula is almost the same. These make a great base for shadows as well as liner for the inner waterline.

  • Endless Emerald is a forest green with a shimmer finish.
  • Prolong Purple is a royal purple with a shimmer finish.
  • Stay-On Black is a pitch black with a matte finish.

Price: 442rs
Endless Emerald, Stay-On Black, Prolong Purple Swatch.
Powder Blush
I've been wanting a plummy rose toned blush for ages, Blushing Rose is now one of my most reached for blushes. Its smooth and very pigmented but is easily blended onto the cheeks. Since I have oily skin most blushes don't last that long on me without a setting spray, this one stays put for a good 6 hours!

Price: 561rs.

Blush in Blushing Rose Swatch
For more information and to purchase Jordana in Pakistan visit their website HERE.

Feb 16, 2016

Inglot Launch at Dolmen Mall Clifton + Haul

Tuesday, February 16, 2016
Last week INGLOT officially launched at Dolmen Mall Clifton in collab with Nishat Linen. While most of us have probably visited the store at Ocean Mall, the new location is definitely more accessible to those who frequently visit DMC often. The launch also showcased a few new collections including the Highlighting Trios and the Matte It Be for eyes and nails. 

INGLOT Highlighting Trios
The new MATTE IT BE Collection



Press Release:
[Karachi: 12th February, 2016]: Inglot, today launched its second color cosmetic store in Karachi in collaboration with Nishat Linen after an overwhelming response from this city.

The launch was attended by city’s well known celebrities and socialites and the event was hosted by Anoushay Ashraf. The makeup, color palette and shades were highly appreciated by the media and bloggers.

Last store launch in Islamabad was a huge success and has left the crowd amazed by the stores offerings. Inglot is first of its kind color cosmetic store in Pakistan as it gives a unique shopping experience and more than 1500 colors to choose from which no other cosmetic brand provides in Pakistan. 

“We are very excited to launch Inglot’s sixth store in Pakistan. Inglot has a unique color palette and we are sure that the women of Pakistan will appreciate our product range.” said Naz Mansha, CEO Nishat Linen.

Nishat Linen collaborated with Inglot last year and plans to open more stores countrywide to make it approachable for wider customer base. Nishat Linen has always believed in quality, affordability and approachability for its end customers and Inglot stands true to Nishat Linens brand signature values.

Naz Mansha and Maheen Khan
Mantahaa Maqsood 
Fia Khan
Areeba Habib 
Amna Malik 
Anoushey Ashraf 

As everyone knows who's been to the Inglot store at Ocean Mall, their gel liners and Duraline are always always out of stock. Needless to say these items were on my wishlist for a long time! I picked up the Black Gel Liner in #77 and the Teal Gel Liner in #87. The gel liners are priced at 1300rs and the Duraline is for 950rs. I have to say, the bright shades from the liners are a MUST have. Very pigmented and shows up really bright on the eyes.