Stay Hydrated this Summer with Nestlé Pure Life

There is nothing worst than dehydration during the scorching hot summer season. Thus comes NESTLÉ PURE LIFE, Pakistan’s favorite bottled water!

The Healthy Hydration Meet launched the new brand identity, TVC and bottle with Khalid Malik hosting the event. The night was full of fun filled activities for all the guests. The new slogan ‘BehtarMustaqbilAaj Se’ is aimed towards further championing the cause of pure water for healthier generations. 

This summer season, don't forget to stay hydrated! Drink plenty of water and watch all your health issue fade away. 


Spa Day at Rejuve by Aliya Farooq

Sometimes the only way to really relax and practice a little self-care is with a day spent at the spa. I honestly feel it's must nowadays with a busy lifestyle. With SOO much going on be it work, home, chores or trying to keep a social life...taking a break from it all at a spa really centers you. 

So I was graciously invited at Rejuve by Aliya Farooq, located on Tipu Sultan road which is amazing! Since I live so far from defense and clifton, it's the perfect location. I was nothing short of excited to spend the day with a few of my blogger babes. 

The menu for the day included quite a few services to try out! The services I went for was the Candle Body Wax Massage, Guinot Face Gloss and a Pedicure.

While all of the services were amazing, I HIGHLY recommend the candle wax massage. The experience was like no other. The hot candle wax oil really helped the soothe my tired muscles and the aroma alone was relaxing. I really want to visit again because it was that amazing!
Massage Room

The staff and event was absolutely amazing. The catering was done by Le Saint Honoré Pâtisserie, which their French pastries were DIVINE!

If you're looking for a pick-me-up at a relax, chill spot I would recommend visiting Rejuve. There's plenty of different services worth checking out! Visit their Facebook Page for more details.


Whimsy Beauty Launch at Mizka's Studio

A few weeks ago I along with other bloggers and journalists were invited to a cozy launch of the newest skincare brand in Pakistan...Whimsy Beauty! The launch was held at Mizka's Studio to demo the range and give some much needed guidance on facial oils. The brand was founded by Maliha Rao and is being sold at Mizka's Studio and online at

The range includes customized couture facial oils that is curated specifically for your skin type. Personally I have been loving using the Sonrisa oil. The oil is like NO OTHER that I've tried, it soften and smoothed my skin after the first use. 
Shop the Whimsy Beauty Range at 

For more information visit their Facebook and Instagram.


Find your Zen at Karachi Ladies Club

If chaos consumes your day to day life, having a moment of Zen is hard to come by. I can safely say I've found my place to find a moment of peace and tranquility. From blissful massages, manicure/pedicures, organic facials, yoga, aerobics, kick-boxing and more you can find at Karachi Ladies Club!
Founded by the ever graceful Nissa who graciously invited me to spend a day at for a little tour of the place and a review of a few services. The club has it all! The best part if that you can pretty much spend an entire day there from 8:30am till 11pm with the back to back classes.

Massage + Facial Services

Aloe Vera Hydrating Facial
A 45 minute blissful facial using all organic and disposable products (sponges and headband). It’s a 5 step facial from makeup removing, aloe vera cleansing, scrub with rice atta, honey mask and SPF moisturizer application. I highly recommend Naseema who did my facial and massage. She did an amazing job at hitting all pressure points on the face. 

Express Body Massage
The 30 minute massage was absolutely relaxing. It definitely took away all the stress especially with the calming atmosphere of the rooms. I know I’m going to go back often for the massage. The entire room and aroma for the massage took me to another level of ZEN.
I hope I inspired you guys to check out the place! The best part about their massages and facials is that the cost is really reasonable compared to other spas and salons. Although Karachi Ladies Club is a wellness/holistic space, I absolutely enjoyed my time and I'm sure you will too :)
 For more info check out their Facebook page


[REVIEW] Rivaj Glitter Eyeliners - 7 Shades!

Not gonna lie, ever since the Stila glitters have boomed on the scene I've been wanting to collect them all. Since they cost $25 each, my wallet said NOPE. So here's a local alternative at just 250rs these Rivaj Glitter Eyeliners are some of the prettiest glitters I've used since ever.

Right To Left
✨05 Copper
✨06 Skin
✨08 Peach
✨09 Silver
✨10 Bronze
✨11 Gold
✨18 Magenta Pink

Some of the shades have large glitters while others have a color base, perfect as a eyeshadow topper.

The only downside to these is the lack of longevity, since one of the main ingredient is water AND glycerin the glitter can easily be wiped away with just a makeup remover required. If you're planning to wear these for 3-4 hours you're good, just use a tacky base or a glitter glue if you want to wear these all day!

Overall these are amazing to use to brighten any makeup look! It doesn't flake off or look chunky when applied all over the lid. It looks beautiful with any makeup look! Do NOT skip out on these!


My Top Money Saving Habits for 2018!

With the start of 2018, even though we can mentally think of it as a clean slate we can use it to its advantage to reflect on what we need to improve on as time goes on. 
As I’ve gotten older I’ve realized one wasteful my spending habits have become. Now don’t get me wrong I’m responsible when it comes to my bills and home expenses but when it comes to treating myself to nice clothes, makeup and dining out I’ve realized 2018 has to be the year to change where my money goes. 
I’ve decided that this year is when I save month to month and analyze strictly where I spend my money. Here are a few tips I want to continue with through 2018 to help change my spending habits. 
Lipsticks at MAC Dubai- Sale does not mean you're saving!
Track Your Monthly Budget!
One habit that I’ve kept up with is using an app to track my expenses. If you’re on IOS the Expense app is so easy to use. I enter every single purchase and income to track how I’m doing in the month. 
I want to utilize this even further by strictly not spending on frivolous things like a lipstick or a random shirt from the mall, keep a set amount on what you need and not give into temptation.
Keep A Separate Savings Account And Don’t Touch It!
When all your money is lumped into one account, it’s easier to just spend it since you’ve saved it. Think of it this way, it’s taken you how many months or years to save up and you’ll just mindlessly spend it on a shopping spree?
Keeping a separate bank account and only keep your debit card to that account. Leave your saving account ALONE! 
Sale Does Not Mean You’re Saving!
For me makeup and clothes are my weakness. That too when I discover a SALE! I mindlessly go through shopping sites if I see a sale and end up buying one item or the other only because of the sale. 
The best way to really save from a sale is if you actually have wanted the item for months. If it’s a skincare you’re running out of that you’ll purchase anyways or an eyeliner you love. Do NOT buy just because it’s discounted. It’s a trap!!

Learn To Love What You Have
Material things have really become a huge part of our lives. We always want more and new. The clutter adds up eventually. For 2018 I want to really LOVE what I own and make use out of all the makeup I own and use it until I’ve 80% finished it. Makeup does go bad and it’s a waste to not love what you own. 

So these are a couple of my tips to help save more money this year and focus on the BIGGER picture! Hope it was helpful <3 Share your favorite money saving tips with me!


[REVIEW] Pixi Skincare + Fails!

Pixi Beauty has been one brand I’ve been tempted to try out for ages. When it comes to skincare, it’s difficult to find affordable products that actually work on the skin. Unfortunately my overall experience with Pixi wasn’t the best.
I picked out these 4 products based on online reviews and most of them have done nothing to my skin! I purchased these in July and have been using these regularly since then. Let's review these!
Glow Tonic
The most coveted product from the range, everyone and their mom raves about this product. I’m not sure what it is but I didn’t notice any change to my skin after using this consistently for a few weeks. I’ve read it takes about 2 weeks to notice any change but that wasn’t the case for me. The toner is great to removing excess dirt, it doesn’t lightly exfoliate as other toners I’m use to. It does contain Glycolic Acid so I’m still going to use this until I finish it up.
Glow Oxygen Mask
I mentioned this product in my fails of 2017, this has to be the worst mask I have ever tried. It’s a bubble mask that is supposed to bubble once applied on the skin. But does it do that? NOPE! When I apply it with my finger it doesn’t bubble at all and just sits there like soap. When I apply it with a brush it does bubble up but not enough to make a difference on the skin. A strong pass on this!
H2O Skin Drink
As I’ve gotten older my skin isn’t the same anymore, there’s more dryness and patched around certain areas so I wanted to get this to wear before applying any foundation. It has a gel/silicone texture which works well as a primer for makeup. I wouldn’t say this intensely hydrates my skin but it’s an OKAY product. It’s not a must have in any case.
Overnight Glow Serum
I was looking for a night serum to help with dryness, this is literally just Aloe Vera. It has a very tacky texture just like aloe vera and it doesn’t SINK into the skin at all. It doesn’t leave the skin smooth in the morning, I always wake up with tacky, dry skin in the morning after using this. I used this consistently and didn’t notice any change.
Flawless Beauty Primer
It's funny how a freebie ends up being a favorite from my haul lol! This is a very pretty glowly primer! It as a slight pink tint that brightens up the complexion. It applies beautifully and primes the skin really nicely with any foundation. I will definitely get a full size of this once I run out.
Mac Strobe Cream, Loreal Magic Lumi, Pixi Primer

Overall I’m so disappointed in the products I purchased from Pixi. What are your favorites from the brand?